Saturday, December 31, 2005


I for one, think resolutions are made to be broken and so do every year. Doesn't stop me from making them though!

1. Work out more, eat less
2. Be a nicer person
3. Stop cussing so damn much
4. Write a novel

Nothing to earth shattering there. I am a woman of simple dreams. Really. Just yesterday I accomplished one of my life goals. I went to a movie by myself. I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie (we got the Scene It Harry Potter game and everyone else in my family has seen it but me and I am very competitive!!!). Sat by myself in the theater and totally enjoyed it.

One of my other goals in life? To have all my bra and panties match. The day I achieve that then I can just die cuz I will have done it ALL.

Just a sidenote: yesterday went on a bike ride with the youngest to the front playground/park. When we got there I said, "Want to swing?" and instantly felt dirty thanks to the last post and that damn slut Brownie leader on Oprah!

Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Swing Set

Am I the only one who thought that swinging meant dancing?? When I was younger and would hear the term, "Oh, they're real swingers!" Silly me, I thought that meant they were either a: really cool and hip or b: dancing. Yes, I thought swinging meant some kind of square dancing.

Imagine my shock and surprise when someone informed me what swinging really was. I have already determined that me and my very boring husband are the only ones in the world NOT to make a sex tape or have tattooes---but are we also the only people in the world NOT swinging??

Oprah had people on the other day who do this. They visit nightclubs that are all about swinging in the door with one partner and swinging right out with another. One woman is a Brownie leader. She cheerfully announced her sexual prowess and then when Oprah asked her "What are the other mom's of the Brownies going to think?" She just shrugged and laughed. I really wonder if people realize that when they are on t.v. that MILLIONS of people are watching you (and yes, they can hear you too!) and guess what??? Some of those people probably live in your city or even your neighborhood!

Here is my fear if I ever ingested enough crack to be in a swinging situation. Don't you just know the woman would be really cute and the man would be big and fat with onion breath?? Yeah, I know that's what would happen so thats why I ain't doing it.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I am the New Ringer

Obviously, when it comes to taking pictures I am a 'tard. I should enter the Special Olympics in picture-takin' (some of you high brows call it photography - you won't after you see my pics). And, might I add I have a very nice digital camera. And, I still take terrible pictures.

Here is Christmas morning....
Where is the composition? The subject? Who the fuck knows???? Trust me, my youngest's butt is not his best feature. And, how I captured the middle one running right through the pic is beyond me.

Of course, I come from a long line of bad picture-takers. My mother is quite famous for cutting people's heads clean off.

But wait, there's more....

Here is the Hubs and I before I got really pissed at him.
Don't we look happy? I didn't take this pic obviously. We are at church waiting for the
program to begin on Christmas Eve (before I got the trip to San Francisco and would DO ANYTHING THE MAN WANTS.

Unbeknownst to me, while I was helping the youngest warm up for the Christmas program, my darling partner in life is taking pictures with my new camera. The new camera that we haven't purchased a memory stick for YET.

All is well and good, until the program starts....I got two pictures of the youngest singing in his debut (and probably the only time) program.

Two pictures and the camera quite rudely cuts me off. This is during the time I get up during the program, move my self in front of a bunch of people, cuz I am getting a GOOD picture so get the hell out of my way, and the camera won't flash. I get a message - memory full. Shit. How embarrassing. I am standing here trying to take a photo so what do I do? I PRETEND to take a picture anyway. Yes, I pretended that the camera worked and then scooted across people's knees and laps to get back to my seat where I seethe in anger that I have no pictures left. I almost cried as I sat there fuming.

Here is one of the two (they look just alike!).

That's it. No more.

I am over it now. At least I got two. And, I will get a
memory stick asap. Or, take the camera with me when I walk out of the room.

To the Man I Married...

Why do I love this man I married? I refuse to go down the road of how he is hung like a horse and amazing in bed. Nope. Not me. Won't go there--but I will let on about a few other things.

* he hates tuna casserole as much as I do.
* he hated the real Christmas tree just like me! It shat needles all over last night as it white knuckled its way out of the living room and to the trash heap.
* he thinks I'm beautiful. Even when I first get up in the morning.
* he's sensitive and likes chick flick movies and there isn't a gay bone in his bod.
*he's one of the few people in this whole world who doesn't get on my nerves.
*he makes me laugh.

and what else....drumroll please!

*he gave me a trip to San Francisco and the Napa Valley for Christmas!

No, its not in our budget but we will do it anyway cuz he knows how much I love to travel. Is he awesome or what?

Monday, December 26, 2005

Another Christmas

Another one come and gone....for some reason this year it just didn't feel like Christmas to me. Could have been the 70 degree weather. Made for great tennis but caroling and hot cocoa just wasn't sounding good.

Could the anticlimactic feeling have anything to do with my youngest announcing that he "doesn't think there really is a Santa Claus." The rest of us all yelled at him that he'd better believe or he wouldn't get anything. You've never seen an 8 year old retract a statement faster.

Originally, I was supposed to have a housefull but then my brother and his family weren't able to come at the last minute. It was disappointing. I like a house full of people. I like chaos, noise and the inevitable crying of one of the kids falling down, getting too rough, or just too tired. I like the constant talk of food that a house full of people causes. Every conversation is about "what will we eat at the next meal?" Even though I am trying to be good on the diet I know that Christmas with a house full of people means bacon, eggs, pancakes, ham, potatoes, rolls, and buttloads of desserts, and fudge - lots of fudge.

My parents still came. Christmas was quite organized and controlled. We made it to Christmas Eve service. The program went off without a hitch. I made dinners that would make Rachel Ray or even Julia proud. Christmas morning, presents were unwrapped one at a time with appropriate oohs and aahs.

I guess I like the unplanned events. The things that happen that make a Christmas worth remembering. Like the time my parents couldn't make it in until Christmas day because of the weather. When they did arrive we were so thankful and anxious to see them. Or the Christmas we all slept at my parents and my oldest (who was 4) slept in a box. He wanted to sleep in this box in the room with me and the hubs. My hubs and I got to sleep in a twinbed that same night. Uncomfortable as hell. But we remember it to this day.

I like the spontaneous things in life. This Christmas was perfect. Maybe too perfect. If ya know what I mean.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Have a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy HOliday, whatever your preference may be. We are on our way out the door to watch the youngest sing in the Christmas program at church. Its the first time I have been able to blackmail, I mean, beg one of my boys to be in the program.

Camera is loaded, video camera is at the ready.

I hope this holiday finds you healthy, reasonably happy and looking forward to a New Year!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Sex, Lies & Videotape

I have made a discovery. My husband and I are the only people in the world who have NOT made a sex tape of ourselves.

Paris and Pam have theirs and now Brittney Spears is threatening to sue a tabloid over that fact that she may or may not have made one with the skank Kevin Fedderline (don't you know that kids in school had fun with that last name!). And of course, all of you have yours, I'm sure.

What's up with this? I don't like myself in pictures on a regular day with my hair done and dressed cute. I sure ain't gonna like myself nekkid on a video.

At an informal polling at dinner last night (think 5 star restaurant, large round table with 4 other couples) the people we were with denied making one (and I am sure were so glad I conducted this poll - what's dinner conversation without discussing sex tapes???). I am suspecting one of the couples lied. They were very quiet and she was wearing fishnet stockings and a very short skirt. Duh! Fishnet stockings = sextape.

I don't like to feel that I anything has passed me by in this life but this is one thing that I may have to just let pass. Oh yeah. We are also the only people in the world who don't have tatooes.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Scummy Scammers

Here is the latest scam email I am getting. I got two yesterday.

Hi Debbie.I m working in the same office building as you do, just on the third floor.Our mutual acquaintance John gave me your e-mail and has said that perhaps you will be able to help me. Recently I ve incomprehensible problems with my computer. My operation system (I have Windows 98 Second Edition) give me mistakes, freez and show "blue screen". I rang in technical support and even caused the specialist.Some boor came and laughed at my (little) old Windows 98, but did nothing. Well and well, I coplained to his manager about his tone and visit turned out absolutely free for me I have only understood that I need to change the operation system on something new. John, which gave me your e-mail, said that you knew good software on-line shop with attrective prices and great discounts. I searched in the internet and the most great discounts were on XXXXXX. Have you bought something in this shop? Enjoied? I saw it had many awards!Waiting the answer. Thanks beforehand, Anne

Not only do I succumb to the bait and click on the link I also call Anne and give her lessons in Composition 101, Spelling and Grammar and then lecturered her quite effectively, might I add, in How NOT To Be A Dumbass!

Who falls for this stuff? First of all, I live in a two story house. Right away I knew that Anne couldn't really be on the third floor....unless she is up working in my attic.

Another scam that I am going to warn my children who answer the phone is this one. A call comes in (the id may say pay phone) and it is from someone in jail. They will be frantic and claim they were just involved in an accident and one of their family members is in the hospital. They can only make one phone call so can you call their mother/sister/wife? They give you a number that starts with *72. Don't do it. This is a call forwarding system and after you do it you will notice your phone ringing once every now and then. They are using your phone line and charging pay phone calls at $3 each to your phone. They really are inmates but these are hardcore, don't bend over for the soap kind of inmates.

Well, with all that said, only 4 more days until Christmas! Keep up that Christmas Spirit just don't let your ass get scammed!

Monday, December 19, 2005

The Best & The Worst

Please share! On Crazy Momcat's blog she wrote about some crazy gifts they got and it got me to thinking. I've gotten my share of weird and random stuff.

The worst? Definately from my Step MIL who had never met me at this point. She sent me and my husband used clothes! You could tell they were previously worn, no tags and had lost that "new car" smell. Also, the jacket was like 3 sizes too big for me! The woman had never met me!!! Why on earth would she sent me this? We ended up laughing our asses off about the whole thing.

One of the best? My dad is not a sentimental type of guy. He doesn't say I love you to me and I am okay with that cuz I know he would lay down his life for me in a heartbeat. He just isn't comfortable saying it. That's another post. The Christmas when I was about 17 he wrapped up his garage door opener and put it under the tree. He gave me his spot in the garage. To this day, I feel like it was one of the nicest things anyone has ever done for me. Until I moved out, I never had to scrape ice off my car after that or get into a car that was so hot the skin peeled off your thighs.

Share - please!!!

Searching for the Reason

I feel like I have been swept up by a huge tidal wave (I would use the word Tsunami but feel it has been overused in the past 365 days) of Christmas. I am so caught up in "feeling" like I HAVE to do certain things like buy the right gift, attend a gabillion parties, dress a certain way, bake cookies and enjoy doing it dammit, that I feel like I haven't slowed down enough to just let it sink in.

This is my time to enjoy my family and my friends. I'm thankful for all of them every day of the year but this is a time to show it.

I realized that I have bought my children almost everything they wanted (no XBOX 360 though, uh, the grinch and his cute little dog Max must have stolen it!). But there is nothing special to them just from me. Nothing that would speak of how they own my heart and my life would truly be nothing without them.

Remember, here, I have all boys. Boys who are not at a sentimental age. But I don't want that to stop me. I have tried to think of a special gift. Girls are easy. Jewelry works wonders with any girl. Mine don't have anything pierced (yet!) so jewelry is out. Don't offer a watch cuz kids today don't wear them. Look around. You know why? They use their cell phones instead for the time.

If anyone has any good ideas please pass them on to me. I am at the point of thinking that maybe I will just write each one a letter. That's what I do. I write (for $$ usually too!) so I thought maybe I could write each one a note. Touch on things that have happened in the last year - watching football games, watching one graduate, and so on. I don't know of anything I could buy that would do all of this for me.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Something to put you in the Spirit!

I wish I'd had my camera but driving down a main road yesterday there was a sign that said:

Coming Soon
Drive Thru Abortions!

WTF???? It was homemade but someone spent some time on it. It was a white board with glow in the dark, mailbox type letters, mounted on a plastic milk crate.

I don't want to get into the whole abortion issue but who thinks that sign like that is going to change anyone's mind about this?

Of course, my sick mind went "A drive thru... how convenient!", and "Will there be coupons?"

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Snoop Deb

No, don't think Snoop Dog with that catchy title though it is all the Shizzle. I have spent a lot of time here lately in my vehicle thus listening to the radio. Today's topic: Have you ever snooped on your man? The DJ's were talking to women who had snooped on their menfolk. The one check his cell phone camera and found a very interesting picture that lead to quite a lively discussion.

I am not a snoopy person by nature. I am probably more a "don't want to know" more than a "know at all costs." But, go back with me, back about 16 1/2 years ago or so. I was married before. I earned the Prince Charming I am married to now and have the scars to prove it.

Not only did I have to snoop I practically had the whole pipe, cape and Watson thing down. This guy was pretty incredible. Too long to go into the whole story now but let me give you a tiny piece, an appetizer if you will.

We were poor. Dirt poor. Like after paying the bills I would seriously have $5 left over for the whole week. I didn't eat out for lunch, I didn't buy sodas. I had an American Express card in my name only cuz lets just say the guy had credit issues.

He comes to me one time and asks me for my American Express card number. Says he wants to buy me something and has to order it with a credit card. I am feeling slightly suspicious (due to some other $$ issues that had happened a couple years previous) but go ahead cuz I was flattered. The man wanted to buy me something and what woman doesn't love that?? Of course, I gave him the warning to not spend very much. I wait and wait and wait. Nothing arrives, no gift. Of course, I am too polite to say "Hey, where's my present?" so say nothing. Then the bill arrives. There is an $80 charge to a floral shop! I am freaking on the inside wondering what the hell to do. I call the store. I ask the girl to kindly tell me what was purchased with my card. She says all snotty, "Ma'm its your husband, why don't you just ask him?" That's when my high and mighty, I will put the smackdown on you ho voice rolled on out. She was eager to please once she heard the Wrath of Debbie. It was my damn credit card and my definately my freakin' business!

It was a dozen roses and they were sent to his coworker.

Needless to say, that was one marriage down the drain. Yes, we could argue just how stupid he was but the arguement here is snooping. I snooped when I had to. I don't snoop through my kids backpacks, my husband's wallet or anything else. But I can be a hell of a Nancy Drew when pushed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More than $1

Listening to talk radio on the way home last night....

Phil (the host): So, you owe $3200 in back child support?

Larry: Yes.

Phil: How can you justify spending $2,500 on a prostitute then?

Larry: I didn't plan to. I just needed her to accompany me to a company party. But afterwards, in my car, she started asking me what I wanted. Then she took her top off. You couldn't have done anything else either man, those babies were right there in my face with the headlights on!

Phil: So you ended up spending 6 hours with her and the party was only one and a half hours of the time?

Larry: Yes. You couldn't have done it any different either. Unless you were gay. And I'm not gay. She took her top off and I couldn't help myself.

The conversation went round and round. Larry is obviously a scumbag asshole who applies situational ethics. He truly believed it was not his fault it was the hooker's fault that they had sex (in the Dollar Store parking lot! Guess everything IS NOT just a Dollar!).

I was introduced to situational ethics in college and was just as shocked then. In a communication class the professor gave us a scenario. Here it is: a student missed a test and had to retake in the teacher's office.The teacher had a class and couldn't stay so sat the student down and told them to just leave the test on the desk when they finished. The teacher left. The student realizes the answer key is laying on the desk to the test! Who's fault is it if the student cheats??

I'd be interested to hear your arguements.....

Monday, December 12, 2005

Damn dogs!!

Got home last night to discover that He Who Shall Not Be Named left the door open and the pooches had full run of the house from 9:30am until 6:00pm. Does the term "run amok" mean anything to you???

They ate 6 full size Hershey's bars. Worse, they didn't even throw away the wrappers, just left them strewn about the floor. The kids were all worried, cuz chocolate is toxic to dogs. At the time, I was thinking that "No, right now, I am very toxic to these ungrateful mutts!"

I looked up on the Internet about it and discovered that they were lucky it was milk chocolate. Less of the offensive toxin in it. But, they could throw up and suffer from diarrhea 12 - 24 hours later. Well, that meant it was going to hit right around midnight to 2 am probably.

We got off lucky. No poopage when we woke this am. When I took the big one running with me we made one pit stop and he shat on a piece of wood right by the golf course... nice. Picture me looking around hoping no one was driving by or looking. It was a bit loose looking and yucky looking but I have never seen dog shit that looks really good. Obviously, it will take a silver bullet or a stake through the heart to kill this motley crew of mine.

Sharing the Spirit

Yesterday after church my son and I and the rest of the church youth went to an apartment complex to bring Christmas to some low income, low English Speaking folks.

This apartment complex seems to cater to single parents with low income. Its nice but from the get go my extreme Anglo type child is noticing the cars are "different." Envision lots of low rider type of vehicles. I told him that I don't think they let just anyone move in here. Our church adopted this complex along with a faction of others a long time ago and I think its a pretty selective process to get in. There is a community center that our church takes a day of the week each summer to bring lunch and play games with the kids (many are home alone while mom or dad works).

A friend and I adopted an entire family. They had a list with clothes and sizes. They also wanted canned goods and a chicken. I envisioned bringing a live chicken in a cage but Kroger's was out. I settled for a frozen baking hen. I also filled up a big basket with food, then shopped and bought each one an item of clothing and then each another goodie. A toy for the kids and lotions and bath stuff for the women and aftershave for the dad.

We arrived at the apartment with goodies in hand. We knocked and a little cutie who according to my list is 4 answered the door. We walked in and the two women were smiling broadly. One is pregnant and already has a baby of 9 months. The other is the mother of the little boy. The man wasn't there. The apartment was impeccably clean. One sofa, a t.v. that didn't have an antenna or cable (think lots of snow, people) and a small kitchen table. One bedroom. Preggo mom must sleep on the sofa.

Luckily preggo mom spoke pretty good English. They were so happy and sweet. We took pictures together and hugged. They were thrilled to be recipients. It was a very heart warming experience. I was glad they were so nice because I was imagining how if I was the recipient that I would be embarrassed and uncomfortable.

Everyone needs a hand at some point in their lives. I do not begrudge folks who are trying to do better a hand up so they can get out of the place they are in. These looked like good people. They are new to the U.S. Dad must have a job. They want a better life and education for their kids. Just like we do.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Morning After...

Beware of a highly addictive fluid substance called Patron XO Cafe.

Very smooth, way too yummy. Leads to staying out way late at night and not wanting to do anything the following day.

Friday, December 09, 2005

All Talk, No Action

I'm a wimp, a wuss, a chicken.

No, I'm not. Yes, I am! Okay, okay.

See??? I didn't really even fight back.

Don't believe me? Here's an example of my spinelessness. I ordered my Christmas cards this year printed with the year and our last name (I was still going to sign them!!). I ordered them from a company that shall remain nameless but I won't be CURRENT -ly using them again. They came all flat, scored where you needed to insert a family photo and fold. I began working on the pile yesterday. I folded and noticed that the writing that says, "Place photo here" ended up upside down when finished. After inserting the lovely family photo shown here in previous posting about 15 times I finally noticed that the writing when you open the card is now upside down. THEY PRINTED THE CARDS WRONG.

I should call and ream out some person there and demand restitution! A reprint! My money back! What did I do? Shrugged and went back to folding. I'm not in the mood for the phone call and to wait for replacements. I just want the cards finished and mailed so I can check that off my Christmas list. But really, I SHOULD call. I just don't want even that much of a confrontation right now. I'm in a wimpy mood. Maybe later in the week I will take it out on a sales girl as I fight tooth and nail through Toys R Us...

So, if you are on my Christmas list, please be prepared to admire the photo and giggle since you know what was really going on during that family bonding moment and then open the card and go "WTF?" Turn the card around and then you will be able to read my touching sentiment and signature.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Chicken or the Egg

What comes first Christmas or Holiday Stress??? Can you have one without the other?

I tend to have what I call my Monday morning freak outs this time of year. I look at the whole week and what I have to do and then have a full blown panic attack on Monday morning. Sometimes hormones contribute but on other days I am not sure what my excuse is.

I feel like I have no time this year. No time to enjoy writing my Christmas cards. No time to bake. No time to host a casual Christmas luncheon. When I have shopped so far, I feel like I am running and constantly checking the time because I have to be somewhere else, dammit!

Then I feel like a bad mom. No I haven't baked sugar cookies yet for my children to decorate. We did manage to group together as a family at Thanksgiving for a picture for the Christmas card but you can tell in the photo we ain't all that happy. The youngest was pissed cuz he didn't get to stand up in the picture. HE WANTED TO STAND UP PEOPLE!! Well, hey, its Christmas and we don't all get what we want. Just smile and look happy!!!! And, the wind was blowing which ruined my hair. And, my husband didn't get the memo about blue shirts!!!

I want to enjoy this season, I really do. I need to schedule a day to breathe and enjoy. Just don't have time right now.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year I made a big decision. Our family would have a REAL Christmas tree. I am completely happy with my genuine imitation one and every year enjoyed getting it out of the box. I have several friends who had to extoll the virtues of the real tree. "It just isn't Christmas without a real tree!" "I love the smell!" "Going to pick out the tree is a family tradition!"

I felt like a tradition-less, bad smelling Grinch. But didn't really care.

We finally retired (threw out) the fake tree last year. We went shopping for another but realized that this could be our last year in this house and the house we will be building will have 10 ft. ceilings. I said, "Hey Hubs, let's wait then and we will get a real tree this year! We will finally have a meaningful and happy Christmas!"

Yesterday was the traditional trek to the Christmas tree farm. This is a great place complete with a big blow up slide, a wagon ride to find your tree (for some reason some people felt compelled to drive miles on a wagon when there were the very same trees about 30 ft. away) While we were in church the temp dropped about 15 degrees. Picture my fam in shorts, t-shirts, jacketless. The first trees we looked at cost $100 EACH. I said, "Man, I really didn't plan on spending quite that much." First son, "Let's go to Kroger, they have 'em right there at the grocery store." An astute druid (salesperson) saw us leaving and then told us that the $$$ trees were all imported from up north. The cheaper trees were the ones you have to cut yourself. I gave her a look from my lofty angle atop my super cute clogs, new pale cream cords, and tags just cut off sweater vest. "We aren't really dressed to be lumberjacks." Then I was told I could borrow one of their lumberjacks--his name was Brian.

We finally picked out a tree that hit my $50 goal (and then Brian told me he would give me a good deal - wasn't sure what I was going to have to do amongst the pines for that). So far, no memories made or warm fuzzy feeling in my chest.

My two children who came (the oldest had to stay at college this weekend) spent the ENTIRE time battling each other with sticks they found on the ground.

Me: Could you two stop killing each other long enough to notice that we are PICKING OUT OUR CHRISTMAS TREE?

Brian cut the tree down. I immediately felt very sad and announced, "We killed it." My hubs then gave me an interesting run down on cultivation and the tree was made for that. To which I replied, "Yes, I am sure that cows feel just as grateful."

Once we got the tree home (after my hubs tried to drive into the garage, forgetting the tree was on top of the car!!!!) That was pretty funny actually. We then got to put it up. That's when I thought for sure we would make some memories.....good smell, yes, pine needles all the way from the back door to the formal living....hell of a mess!! I vaccuumed pine needles and picked them up with my fingers all afternoon. We haven't even put the lights on yet. A time in which I feel sure that this little shit of a tree in his anger at having been cut down will proceed to shoot more needles all over my living room.

This will be the first and last year for a REAL tree. By the way, my FRIENDS? Both have artificial trees this year. They acted like they were really giving in, only going to have a half meaningful Christmas, but already I have heard them saying, "It looks really good!" "No mess!" "I got to put it up when I wanted too!" No shit.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Horrible Image

I really don't mean for my blog to become K-9 corner or anything but this just happened yesterday and it was quite traumatic for me.

I was going down a 2 lane road and traffic was moving at around 45 mph. In front of me was a white SUV and then to my right was a blue suburban just a bit behind the white suv. From the left I see a large husky mix dog enter the other two lanes of traffic. I have the 8 year old riding with me and I start quietly but my voice begins rising, "No! No! Don't come out here!"

White SUV slows as the dog makes it across the first two lanes. He makes it in front of the white SUV but I am watching this play out and I know the blue suburban CAN'T SEE HIM. I scream at the top of my lungs, David covers his eyes cuz we know what we are about to witness and BAM, that poor doggie hit the front of the sub and then the two tires on the left side ran over him. I was screaming over and over and came to a stop. The dog raised his head and his tail. I realized I was right in front of a vet, so drove right up to the front door and jumped out. I ran inside and told them what happened. They didn't hesitate, they hollered to the back, "Hit by car!" and two more people came dashing out. We ran to the road and they picked up the poor dog who by this times looks dead. He was still breathing but when they picked him up he was really limp and urine came pouring from him as his bladder released. I offered money to euthanize or whatever (there's no way this dog was going to survive this, that was obvious) and the very nice vet said she didn't think they would even have time to do that. He was going quickly.

I was on my way to meet my oldest son for my birthday lunch (my birthday is Monday but he was busy with ROTC stuff all this weekend and college) and as you can imagine I was a big teary mess when I got there. David kept patting me on the back and Chris hugged me. I am such a dog lover and this was just awful. The way he even bounced after the car ran over him. AND what upset me too was that the driver never stopped!! How can you do that??? Not even slow down just to make sure the poor thing wasn't suffering??

The dog had a collar on and I think I will go back to the vet office and take them a Christmas goodie, cookies or something to say thank you. They didn't hesitate or question me just jumped right into action. They didn't even act worried about who would pay for the dog. Have any of you actually hit a dog or a cat? How did you handle it? Obviously I would traumatized for life.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Freaky Night...

With the High On Incense Scout troop. Yes, the ever present (and mighty decorative) soda can with about 6 sticks of incense was burning mightily.

This was another night where I asked myself (silently) did I enter the Twilight Zone??? First of all, this is one freaky group of people and they live in my neighborhood (trust me, the majority of the neighborhood is SUV driving, surgically enhanced Yuppie folks). Tonight as I looked around I felt like I had just stepped into a reality t.v. makeover show, prior to the visit of Trading Spaces, Clean Sweep and While You Were Out. And, believe me it would take all three and the energy of Ty squared to take on this place.

Tonight I studied the bar area. There are over 25 bottles of liquor sitting on the shelves. Amongst, Halloween decorations, assorted Wal-Mart bags with stuff in them, and just crap, crap and more crap. The whole house is full of crap (and cat piss - don't go near the stairs. Its really bad over there) I know, I know, you are all saying, "No shit Sherlock! These people are smoking pot AND drinking themselves silly - the incense! Remember??" What can I say, other than, I am a little slow and just don't believe those kinds of things about people right away.

Do grown ups with kids do that kind of stuff? Am I really showing my naivete here? These are the boy scout leaders?? Maybe for a craft we will make a decorative roach clip one of these nights. Or a cool bong. You know something useful.