Monday, September 29, 2008

Hurricanes and What Not

The past two weeks have been crazy. I discovered that I am much better on the preparing end of a hurricane then the aftermath. No power or water for 12 days makes this girl very cranky. You might be able to live without power but you can't without water (we are on our own well, elec powers the pump). I left for Big D (Dallas) up north of me two days after the storm hit. I have family there. I had somewhere to go to find electricity, food and shelter. I had options. Many in Houston and the surrounding areas did not.
Who knew that ice would become so valuable? Gasoline impossible to find? Grocery store shelves empty?

We were pretty lucky in my neighborhood - compared to Galveston. We lost about 12 - 14 trees just in my yard. None hit the house. The next day after the torrential rain finally stopped, the kids and I drove around. It was shocking. Huge, 80 ft. pines ripped out by the roots and laying on houses. Power lines yanked to the ground by aged oak trees. Cars crushed in driveways by fallen trees. We realized how lucky we were. Here's a pic of the hubs and the middle son using the chain saw (men and chainsaws - don't get me started!) That's my driveway and the street in front. A huge tree from across the road was actually blocking the road. It almost crushed my mailbox. Here's the thing to think about: I live 80 miles inland from Galveston. This was a cat 2 storm. I can promise you , I will never stay through anything any stronger.
We got the winds about 2:00am Saturday morning, the 13th, and lost power around 4:00am. There were gusts where I just squinched my eyes shut and waited for something to hit my house or the sound of breaking glass. Again, we were very lucky. My next door neighbor lost the tops of his chimneys. Bricks crashed through his roof. Water ruined his wood floors.
We threw out everything in our refrigerator and freezer. I hated throwing away perfectly good food but it would be ruined in days.
My son's teacher had a tree crash through her bedroom. Her house is unliveable at this point. Everyone around here has an "Ike" story. He will be remembered for many years.
Just this weekend the sound of generators stopped permeating the night. We don't own a generator but I have already written to Santa and requested one.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

You ARE What You Eat

I have created a diet that works. I know, I know. I should write a book and make millions of dollars but being the philanthropist that I am, I am giving away this information right here, right now.

The hubs has been under a tad bit of work stress for the last 8 months. He is a comfort eater. A stress eater. King of the Oreo.

He eats out a lot and his routine is to order either A. cheeseburger and fries or B. steak. My hubby is nothing if not a creature of habit.

Eight weeks ago he reached critical mass and asked for my help.

Super Diet Debbie came to the rescue. You know how much I love the BBC show "You Are What You Eat" so I applied many of Gillian's principles.

Here is what I asked him to do. For 8 weeks give up:

1. Red Meat

2. Yellow cheese (and most cheese but a sprinkle of lowfat mozzarella would be okay here and there)

3. No Fried Foods

4. No processed foods (nothing out of a box)

Add to his diet fish, chicken, fresh fruits and vegetables, seeds and beans.

He has always worked out, so yes, exercise is a part of the equation too. I have followed the same diet for the last 8 weeks too. I have never followed a diet for more than 2 days and yet, I managed to stay on this one the entire time.

We introduced ourselves to the fishy side of the menu. Snacked on trail mixes of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and yogurt for probiotics. The hubs felt a difference in two days and has steadily felt better, sleeps better and DRUMROLL PLEASE.......

as of this morning has lost 17.5 lbs in almost 8 weeks!!!

I have lost 4 myself and I am thrilled. I honestly believe this is a diet that we will maintain as a lifestyle. We plan to add back in lean cuts of beef but only a couple times per week.

And, if you are curious did I give up alcohol? Hell no. That's crazy talk.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Pet Peeves #643 - #647

Gosh, its been a long time since I listed pet peeves. It isn't like things stopped bugging the crap out of me. We can call this one "The Political Edition."

#643 - The McCain/Palin ticket is now all about throwing the word change around. When Obama does it, its a bad word but all of sudden, its their buzz word. And, the word maverick. Last night I actually talked back to McCain on the t.v. and informed him that he is not Top Gun.

#644 - The right-wingers had a (as we say downsouth) "Hay Day" when Jamie Lynn Spears was discovered pregnant at 17. They blasted not only her mother but her whole family (yes, including Britney!) Now, that their offering up for V.P. has a preggers daughters - its suddenly the cool thing to do. McCain called her a "great mother" last night. How would he know? He just met her two days ago.

#645 - That this same woman would accept this position at this time. I am not saying she should be a stay at home mom (but she does have FIVE children, folks, she obviously HAS chosen motherhood as a vocation) but she accepted this position with a child who is pregnant, and an INFANT with Down's Syndrome. She accepted this position knowing full well how the media is and that her family's privacy would become nonexistant. She accepted this position knowing full well that it would take her completely away from her family at a time when they need her most. I do not approve of her choice. Don't even get me started on the political party she has been hanging out with for the last few years and tell me, was she wearing a freakin' flag pin?? Let's question HER patriotism.

#646 - People who smoke in their cars but keep their smokes out the window. I guess its so the smell of smoke doesn't get in the car?? or on them?? It looks stupid. I have seen these people with the window open two inches and them with their arm up keeping the cig out the crack. Oh, and these same people throw the butts out. Like there is a Butt Fairy who comes along and cleans up after them.

#647 - People who say they can't vote for Obama because he is Muslim. We all know that this is not true but what I have learned is that this is code for "I can't vote for him because he is black."