Monday, March 05, 2007

Leave the Light On

I believe we blog for a reason.

What was mine? I have always loved to write. Never thought I was overly gifted as a writer but that never stopped me from trying. Writing is a skill that does improve with lots and lots of practice.

But, I started to blog as an outlet. I was at a point in my life where my life was changing and I needed to write and I needed to know other people to get me through. You did.

Blogging was a life preserver that I grabbed onto and didn't let go for almost two years. My oldest was graduating and leaving home for college. This change in my circumstances made me question who I was and where was I going. It's like arriving at an undiscovered spot in the jungle and looking around to try and figure out - Okay, how to I survive here?

My husband's career was and is great and he is enjoying it and the other two kids are certainly not babies anymore. I needed to find me again. My identity as a wife and mother simply was not enough anymore. So, not only did I not recognize the terrain in my new jungle but I didn't recognize the person in the mirror anymore.

My fellow blogging friends are all at different places in their life. Some are newly married, unmarried, pregnant with their first babies or dealing with school age kids and not so new marriages. Some are divorced and discovering a new life on their own. This wonderful mixture gave me balance - usually a good laugh and sometimes a tear or two. Most importantly, it gave me a hand up and out of the darkness. Prozac? Who needs it? Just blog!

I may be back. But if I do I may start a new blog and this time not tell anyone who knows me. The next time around I would like to be brutally honest and too many people read my blog who know me in my "real" life.
But for right now, I am simply done. My empty spot has been filled (for the moment!). So, thank you and take care out there. I'll still be checking on you so please, leave the light on.