Thursday, June 04, 2009

A Rant about Bathrooms

I spend my fair share of time in bathrooms. Don't get all squeemish on me - its a fact, you do too. Couple this with the amount of time I spend on the road for my job in sales. I have become an expert in the public bathroom. And, with that, I have my usual pet peeve list:

1. Bathrooms that get cute with the signage. You know, pictures of people instead of the usual "Men" or "Women" signs. I was in an asian restaurant one time that did this and there was hardly any difference in the pictures. Both depicted a figure wearing a robe with straight black hair - dancing. Dancing because they couldn't figure out which bathroom to go into???? I waited until someone came out and then based my decision on their previous decision. I have been walked in on by a man who made a hasty judgement call so my fear is justified.

2. Stalls that you can hardly turn around in. If I was a man I could walk straight in, stand there and do my biz, then just back out. Women don't get the option of standing or sitting. We have to walk in, turn around, sit down and then reverse. There are some bathrooms that you can hardly close the door without hitting your knees on it. I am a small person so I am not sure how a large person does it.

3. Bathrooms with "fake you out" soap dispensers. A lot of bathrooms will have a built in soap dispenser but they don't use it and place another on the counter. This results in a dry pump.

4. Bathrooms where I have to wave at everything. I don't mind waving at my soap dispenser, then the water and then the towel but anymore I am not sure if it is an old fashioned crank/handle/pump or not. So, I am waving wildly at everything in there.

5. Stalls that have 3" gaps around the door. Why bother even shutting the door? Or stalls where you have to lift the door to get the lock to fit.

6. While I deplore defacing public property, I do enjoy a bit of bathroom graffiti now and then, such as:

"Go home Mom, You're Drunk" or

"If you miss when you piss, be a sweety and wipe the seaty" or this oldy but a goody,

"Here I sit broken-hearted, I came to shit but only farted."

Nothing like little bathroom humor.


  • ROFL!! That last quote was priceless. I'd seen the others but not the last one.

    Have you ever traveled around Asia? In many rural areas, they still have squat toilets. Stressful! I've never managed to use one with proper aim..

    By Blogger teahouse, at 6/09/2009 11:36 PM  

  • Oh I know bathrooms (too much coffee), but my pet peeve and my hubbys - don't they ever clean them. GROSS!!! TMI, but I had to share.

    Love ya my friend,

    By Blogger nettie-fudge, at 6/11/2009 5:29 PM  

  • Or stalls where you have to hold the door shut with your foot while you pee.

    By Anonymous apathy lounge, at 6/13/2009 6:00 PM  

  • You hit all my peeves. I am very good at lifting the door with my foot to lock. Hate when you enter a busy restroom and then can't lock the door or there isn't any paper, but it took 15 minutes in line to get to this stall, so you don't want to come out and get back in line.

    I have walked into the mens room more times then I want to admit.

    And in Europe had the "what do I do with the hole in floor?" experience.

    If I remember correctly the restroom at the airport was called Asseo! Or something close to that. Thought it the most appropriate name I have ever seen!

    By Blogger PEACE, at 6/13/2009 9:46 PM  

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