Tuesday, February 27, 2007

It All Adds Up

1 son's birthday
3rd track meet
18 hour day trip to Louisiana
1 PTO meeting
5 days work compressed into 4
7 Friends and a Girl's Weekend


No blogging this week!

Friday, February 23, 2007


Big News! I had my second Heather Locklear comparison!!! And, this time I didn't even have sunglasses on!

Scenario: In Subway with the youngest grabbing dinner before a track meet. (btw, Heather and I love turkey on wheat - yes, toasted!). The young sandwich artist guy says, "you look just like Heather Locklear!" to which I began laughing, so then he says, "I'll bet you get that all the time!"

Well, actually, you would be #2.

And other news:

Will Anna Nicole ever RIP?
At Starbucks, if you order hot tea (I recommend Wild Sweet Orange - my fav!) a Grande costs the same as a Venti. Why? Because both use two tea bags.
Are you already tired of Presidential Nominee talk? I am, and it has barely begun.

Cats & Dogs:

It cracks me up how different boys and girls are. For example, the other morning, the 14 year old is preparing to exit the car at his school. A boy is walking right by my car and mine says, "he's the coolest 7th grader." Then he gets out, the younger boy turns and sees mine, and mine sees him see him, but they both do not say a word. Don't even acknowledge each other. It just struck me how different two girls would be. They would smile and say hello. I believe the two boys did that, they just speak a totally different language.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays....

Things I hate:

1. A head cold complete with gallons of goo and a throat tickle that makes me cough but makes me sound like I am almost throwing up.
2. Drivers who do not use turn signals.
3. The use of the word "orientate" over the word "orient". I have researched and supposably the word orientate is acceptable but it just sounds wrong to me.

Things I like:

1. A lazy, sunny weekend complete with a family hike and lots of movie watching.
2. A really good cup of coffee
3. This SONG

Here's a quickie childhood memory:

When I was growing up, and my mother was driving she would always have us do this. If someone let her into a lane or pull in front of them she would make me and my two brothers wave like crazy people. I don't remember my dad ever making us wave, just my mom.

"Wave! Everyone wave at that nice man!" So, all of us in the car would wave like our hands were on fire.

In my new job, I am driving a lot. The other day when I let this family in their mini-van pull out in front of me they all turned around and waved and waved like I was the nicest person in the world.

So, let someone cut in front of you today and if someone let's you in, wave until your wrist hurts.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Buddy Finds His Home

Read previous post to fully understand what is going on here but....

I got a call from a lady (obviously Asian) about the dog I found. She was able to identify that he was a male, and wearing a thin black collar.

She and her son came to my house to pick him up. She looked familiar and she smiles and says, "I work at nail salon." I swear I thought her next words would be "So, you no work today?"

Instead I found out that Buddy is one of three named..."Foo-Foo", "Boo-Boo" and last but not least, "Lu-Lu."

Is it any wonder the dog ran away from home?

She and her son were very sweet and thankful. I gave them the "talk" about getting him neutered or he was going to just run away again. I wish Buddy, er, I mean Foo-Foo well.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Simple Stop at the Store

It's only been like two weeks since Sandy my little fawn pug died. I was adjusting to life with only two dogs (ONLY TWO! Please insert sarcasm here) and was plugging along. The kids immediately wanted another dog to which I said, "Oh no, we don't NEED another dog. But, if we had to rescue one or something then maybe we would."

Bite my stupid, fat, wagging tongue!

A trip to Wal-mart yesterday included this:
This poor little thing was dashing in and out of cars in the parking the rain. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't leave him there! He was scared to death and searching for someone to help him.
We got him home and the other two dogs fell in love immediately. I would guess that he is about a year old and a rat terrier. He is not neutered and on the skinny side. His coat isn't as shiny as it should be which says to me "cheap dog food."
I have posted signs but no one has called yet. He was wearing a little black collar but no tags. He is really the sweetest thing. Gentle, non-aggressive. I am able to sit and pet him while he eats even.
He seems very smart and he is very lovable. Okay, I admit it, I am falling for him. Is it a bad sign that the youngest son has named him "Buddy"?
Please! Anyone out there want a really sweet, small dog??

Friday, February 09, 2007

Happy Friday

Whacky week in the news.

Just when you thought you couldn't listen to another word about crazy astronaut love triangles, Anna-Nicole decides to check out and now she is all I hear about. Bring back the crazy astronauts, please!

What one thing did Anna-Nicole contribute to society? Can she even entertain? (and no, I don't believe lap dancing is an acceptable form of entertainment), does she have a talent (and no, being able to float without wearing a flotation device does not count), can she sing? Is she even a humanitarian and nice to other people? No, no and no. So, why is on my t.v. 24/7?

But let's back up to the Crazy Killer Astronaut Lady . She drove 900 miles with a pellet gun, duct tape and tubing whilst wearing a diaper so as not to have to stop and pee. That sounds pretty stupid but I got stuck on a major interstate the other day and let's just say my back teeth were FLOATING. I was in pain and could not get off the road! They had closed it due to a three car pile up.
I am thinking the whole diaper thing is not a bad idea. I'm wondering what the extra padding would look like under my clothes - maybe a little bulky? Not too sexy? Do you think that the fast food places would mind if I use their bathroom diaper changing stations to "clean up" every now and then? Don't want to encounter diaper rash.
I could change my blog name to DebbieDepends!!
Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Cats and Dogs

It kills me the unfairness of stereotypes.

I am not talking about racial, social or economic - I am talking about men and women.

We women are the ones known to be "the talkers." Well, in my new job the majority of who I deal with are men. And, let me tell you, men are gossips. With a capital G.

Women now, are careful. When we want to gossip about someone we throw their name out there like this, "I saw Lorna Hasselhoffe the other day." Then we step back and see if the other women we are with will take the bait. If they say, "Oh yeah, I love her, how is she?" then you know to back off. If the answer is like this, "what's going on with her? I saw her the other day and she didn't even smile at me!" Then you know it's game on and go ahead and tell the juicy goodness you have on poor Lorna.

Now men? No such procedure. You may say, "Hey, I saw Billy Bob Jimbo the other day." They will respond with things such as, "He's a dumb ass and gettin' dumber by the day." or maybe a pleasant remark about how Billy Bob is looking these days like, "That som'bitch Billy Bob is such a dumbshit I saw him with his pants pulled up practically under his armpits! He is dumber than shit."

I don't know how women ever got labeled as gossipers.

You know I am all about bringing you vital, important and useful information. Do with this what you will.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

A Good Puke Story

Okay, I must admit I got this idea from The Thinker, but she wrote a very compelling post about her dad projectile vomiting while driving. There was a hermit crab involved also but you will have to read that yourself.

I decided we should all share a good puke story. Why? Cuz, we all got one. Me? I have several. Really, more than my share (I do have three kids - trust me, these kids could hit a target at 30 paces when they were infants!).

Go back with me to high school. Under-age drinking anyone?? My story began with an after graduation party, someone asking me to hold a bottle of vodka (is it my fault I CANNOT TASTE vodka - it freakin' tastes like water to me!) and when they came back for it the bottle was 3 quarters gone. Then the entertainment began! Watch Debbie vomit this way, and then that way! Passed out? That won't stop her! Need a party favor? Try barf in a bag!

This wayyyyyy cute guy named Mike M. (two years older than me and SUPER HOT!) ended up taking me home in his Jeep (HIS JEEP, PEOPLE!) and carrying me into my house. Obviously, my parents sleep like the dead. I walked like the dead the following day.

Moral of that story? Don't leave me alone with your bottle of vodka.