Monday, February 12, 2007

A Simple Stop at the Store

It's only been like two weeks since Sandy my little fawn pug died. I was adjusting to life with only two dogs (ONLY TWO! Please insert sarcasm here) and was plugging along. The kids immediately wanted another dog to which I said, "Oh no, we don't NEED another dog. But, if we had to rescue one or something then maybe we would."

Bite my stupid, fat, wagging tongue!

A trip to Wal-mart yesterday included this:
This poor little thing was dashing in and out of cars in the parking the rain. What was I supposed to do? I couldn't leave him there! He was scared to death and searching for someone to help him.
We got him home and the other two dogs fell in love immediately. I would guess that he is about a year old and a rat terrier. He is not neutered and on the skinny side. His coat isn't as shiny as it should be which says to me "cheap dog food."
I have posted signs but no one has called yet. He was wearing a little black collar but no tags. He is really the sweetest thing. Gentle, non-aggressive. I am able to sit and pet him while he eats even.
He seems very smart and he is very lovable. Okay, I admit it, I am falling for him. Is it a bad sign that the youngest son has named him "Buddy"?
Please! Anyone out there want a really sweet, small dog??


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