Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas!

Have a very Merry Christmas, or a Happy HOliday, whatever your preference may be. We are on our way out the door to watch the youngest sing in the Christmas program at church. Its the first time I have been able to blackmail, I mean, beg one of my boys to be in the program.

Camera is loaded, video camera is at the ready.

I hope this holiday finds you healthy, reasonably happy and looking forward to a New Year!


  • Merry Christmas to you and your family! We had a wonderful day and hope you did too. As for the xmas program....God, I hope you didn't have the nerve to smile or wave at your son during the show!! You are to sit with an expressionless face and keep your hands in your lap. Most importantly, NEVER mention the show again once it is over. This advice comes from personal experience. My boys would stand up there and sing there hearts out and smile and wave until they caught sight of us then deleiver a 'if you look at me and acknowlege the fact that I am in a stupid program singing I will rip your eyes out' look. My daughter on the other hand was the one who volunteered to sing a solo (even though she can't carry a tune in a bucket) and waved and yelled 'Hi mom and dad' while stutting across the risers. Just one more example of the difference between the genders.

    Wishing you and yours a Very Happy New Year!!!

    By Anonymous Carol, at 12/26/2005 12:37 PM  

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