Saturday, December 31, 2005


I for one, think resolutions are made to be broken and so do every year. Doesn't stop me from making them though!

1. Work out more, eat less
2. Be a nicer person
3. Stop cussing so damn much
4. Write a novel

Nothing to earth shattering there. I am a woman of simple dreams. Really. Just yesterday I accomplished one of my life goals. I went to a movie by myself. I went and saw the new Harry Potter movie (we got the Scene It Harry Potter game and everyone else in my family has seen it but me and I am very competitive!!!). Sat by myself in the theater and totally enjoyed it.

One of my other goals in life? To have all my bra and panties match. The day I achieve that then I can just die cuz I will have done it ALL.

Just a sidenote: yesterday went on a bike ride with the youngest to the front playground/park. When we got there I said, "Want to swing?" and instantly felt dirty thanks to the last post and that damn slut Brownie leader on Oprah!


  • HA! LOL on the swing thing!

    I think your bra and panties thing is a good goal to have. I should put that on my list too. But, the cussing? Now, that's something I may NEVER achieve!

    By Blogger Crazy MomCat, at 12/31/2005 11:12 AM  

  • Yeah, the bra and panties matching - that'll never happen for me. But I dream, too, of gorgeous red lace bras and panties and me prancing around with no one to see them.

    As for the cussing, good luck, Sister blogger. I've tried it, too, and it's like my mouth has a mind of its own!

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 12/31/2005 12:22 PM  

  • Be careful which friends you say "wanna swing" to even as a joke. Cause some of them will take you up on it and before you know it, you're full on in the "lifestyle." Then your husband gets jealous and then finds out he wasn't actually jealous but realizes he's gay and...oh my just doesn't ever work out.

    By Blogger Stefanie, at 12/31/2005 1:12 PM  

  • Bra and panties are supposed to match? I thought I was doing well to get my shoes to match my outfit.

    Yeah, cussing, I have nooo problem with cussing, none...shit, maybe a little one....

    By Blogger Ditsy Chick, at 12/31/2005 3:12 PM  

  • Don't rush me. My husband almost held a ritual burning of all my maternity panties that it took me about six years to get rid of. And you know how unsightly those things are. I'm pretty sure that if my bras and panties matched, the end of the world would be coming pretty soon after.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 12/31/2005 4:20 PM  

  • I'm sure my bra and panties have matches somewhere. But they certainly aren't in MY drawer. I own the "Orphan Collection."

    As far as resolutions go... I think we should all make a ton. Throw some easy ones in there like, "Don't quit breathing" or "Chew your food at least twice before swallowing." That way we have a decent % at the end of the year and we don't feel so crappy about ourselves. :)

    By Blogger Tink, at 1/01/2006 11:08 AM  

  • Interesting. A few years back, my goal was to have nicer underwear. So, now, as I'm typing, I'm wearing a very nice red bra--and black cotton panties. Completely mismatched. As I see it, the problem is that clothing manufacturers need to make color-matched sets of nylon bras and cotton panties.

    By Blogger Arabella, at 1/02/2006 2:55 PM  

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