Friday, September 15, 2006

We have COLOR!

Since the house has taken over my life here lately (thanks to my husband who had to gallivant, er, I mean work, in Denmark and Croatia for the last 10 days!) leaving me as the Go-To Gal for the builder.

Some house photos. Here is the stone and uncolored stucco. The stucco will be a golden beige color (Hear that? As in NO PINK, Mr. Stucco man! Unlike the first sample you brought me)

Let me introduce you to the view of my great room and dining room. The colors are Branchport Brown (trim) and Decatur Buff (walls) all from Benjamin Moore. You see why I was a little trepidacious about my color choices. But, I love how it turned out.

The stacked boxes are the slate style tile that is getting put in as I type this now.

Here is a view of part of the kitchen from the great room. The walls in there are Timothy Straw (a pale olivey green).

The guys who do the texture need to come back and do that one spot. So the paint dudes can finish. If paint dudes can remember where I live. We came in when they were painting and these guys faces were smothered in paint. No MASKS. Just all fumes, all the time. That has got to effect your brain cells.

Well, gotta go by the place and give the tile guys my soap dishes and such for the bathrooms. We are maybe 3 weeks away from moving in.

Oh yeah??? Crazy stalker buyer??? She bailed. Here in Texas you can put a contract to purchase on a house and only lose $100 if you change your mind within 10 days. Her mortgage lender said she had to sell her existing home to qualify for mine so she bailed. I am back on the market AGAIN.


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