Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stream of Consciousness

Ride along and go with me over the past few days....

Went to the Museum of Natural Science and saw the Mummy Exhibit. We got to watch a 3-D video wearing cardboard glasses that made everyone in the room look like big dorks and they showed how they x-rayed a mummy to study it. The mummy that they did the MRI of was only 5'4" tall. The narrator says, "was this a man or woman mummy?" right as the MRI camera goes over the biggest shlong you have ever seen. This thing is dangling almost to the knees of this dude. My 8 year old is sitting next to me and I couldn't help but giggle and say, "I'm thinking thats a boy." He says, "Yeah, I think so too."

Also advertised at same museum at the Imax movie theater, "Beavers! Biggest Dam Movie Ever" I was lost at the word beavers, sorry, mind is totally in the gutter. The boys start talking then about "I love beavers!" Me, the mom, is choking and slowly dying while the whole beaver conversation continues....

Hubs and I are going out of town this weekend. I gave him as a Christmas present a weekend for two. Count 'em - two. No kids. Hotel. That equals guaranteed hot sex. With me. So, last night I whisper as I get into the bed "We should not have sex until this weekend!" He answers, "Okay." Then I'm all peeved, "What? Okay? You aren't going to argue and try to do me right now? What's wrong with you?" You would think this poor man would have figured out by now he cannot win for losin'.

My life what a fun ride.....

*** Ditsy Chick also blogged about Beavers - weird weekend, huh?


  • Hi Deb!
    What is it with ringing in the new year with Beavers? Ditsy Chick also posted about beavers. Things happen in threes... I'm waiting for the next beaver to drop.

    Thanks for the laugh!!

    By Blogger #1 Dancer, at 1/03/2006 11:43 PM  

  • Reading blogs can realy open up a girls mind to all things naughty. I see naughty every where too. And I like it!

    By Anonymous clickmom, at 1/04/2006 6:56 AM  

  • This is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh. :)

    By Blogger Arabella, at 1/04/2006 7:53 AM  

  • >>That equals guaranteed hot sex. With me.<< LOL! Well I sincerely hope so. Great gift idea by the way! Kind of a gift that GIVES BACK. hehe

    By Blogger Tink, at 1/04/2006 8:37 AM  

  • "You aren't going to argue and try to do me right now?" Hahahaha!

    And you know, everything can be dirty if you think about it long enough. We had an HR initiative here at my office not long ago with an acronym of SOAR. They got a bunch of promo. materials for it like keychains t-shirts and rubber balls. I can't stop giggling when I think of SOAR balls.

    By Anonymous TB, at 1/04/2006 8:46 AM  

  • Love the 'Beaver' story! Just be grateful it was you chuckling at the boys and not the other way around cuz that is what recently happened to me! I took the boys and some friends to Pizza Hut. We ordered a pepperoni and a taco pizza. The boys starting scarfing down the taco pizza so I innocently said, "Hey! I wanna eat some taco too." Well the table errupted in laughter and I didn't get it! Have you ever heard of the 'Beaver' refered to as the 'Taco'? My teenage boys had to explain it to me. I decided to stick with the pepperoni.

    By Anonymous Carol, at 1/04/2006 6:28 PM  

  • Beavers - great minds think a like...

    Hot sex with your hubby - boy, I missed that boat...congratulations on that one and I am sorry to hear you have to wait to have it.

    By Blogger Ditsy Chick, at 1/05/2006 12:50 PM  

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