Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stuck on the Other Team

I am knee deep in planning the going to be 13 year olds birthday party. It is a boy/girl party and yes, we will be on high alert for any spinning bottles. Today, while I am borrowing a karaoke machine for it from a friend her daughter spills the beans on my son.

Seems that he is "going out" with a super cute cheerleader girl (SCCG). I am like the last person in the world to find out. Of course, this girl is coming to the party. Her mother is the only person who emailed me to RSVP. I didn't even put RSVP on the invite cuz nobody does that anymore anyway. Now it makes sense why she did. Cuz she knows about it. I am the only person who didn't know.

Boys don't tell you squat. They don't give good details about "situations" and they don't get the "dirt" about anything. Most of the time they do not care. But, I am a girl. I love the dirt, the skuttlebutt, dish baby, dish!! Many days I feel like I got put on the WRONG team. Being the mother of three tight lipped, clueless boys just isn't good for getting all the gossip. Its great if you like burping, farting and watching A LOT of action movies though.

Back to the story....I get home from the friend's and of course, can't wait being the girl that I am to tell son that I know he is going out with SCCG. He shrugs, grins a bit and SAYS NOTHING. I then press on, why didn't you tell me? "I don't know" (btw, that is a pretty standard answer around my house - for anything!). Did I leave it there?? No! I press on, Why didn't you tell me, why didn't you tell me, until he finally tells me that I am getting on his nerves! The nerve of him!!!

Where do I sign up to be traded to another team?


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