Monday, October 24, 2005

The One that Didn't Get Away

Well, the maniacal killing spree was successful. This is the proud hunter with his prize. I am told that this is a "fallow" deer. Long story short, it is a bastard deer. I guess every now and then the axis deer breed with some other kind and this kind result. They are not considered as "valuable" (I'll bet his mother loved him anyway!). This one is considered valuable because it is this hunter's first, and is going to be mounted and displayed. The displayed part is still up for discussion. I don't want it on my walls. I do not subscribe to the "Dead Animal on Walls" decor. I believe that this is what the man-space is for!

Man-Space, noun, space above garage for men to do men things. Burp, fart, play poker, smoke cigars and watch sports. Use in a sentence: Hang your dead deer head in the man-space!


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