Saturday, October 22, 2005

That Little Green Monster...

This weekend I let the hubs take the middle son, a homicidal maniac, hunting.

Backstory: Hubs and I never even owned a gun. Owning 3 boys, why take the risk??? Plus, he and i just weren't into weaponry. Not unless its black leather baby!! ;)

Middle son is dying to kill innocent creatures. And, since I try and supply everything my children desire, make hubs take him on a maniacal killing spree. Run, bambi, run!!

Well, it left me with soccer practice last night, soccer game this morning, school festival all afternoon and yes, I worked two one hour shifts (I smell of chili now thank you!) and a kids Halloween party tonight, tomorrow morning I get to teach Sunday School to 8th graders by myself, and I have another 8 year old coming for practically the entire day so his daddy can go to the pro football game! Martyr complex??? You bet!

I'm having a pity party and jealous that my hubs is in the hill country!! So, party on with me. Oh yeah - Go Astros!!


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