Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Celebrity Hunk and What Makes Them Hunky??

Just watched the movie "Closer" last night with Jude Law and Clive Owen. Oh yeah, Julia Roberts and Natalie Portman were in it too.

What is it about Jude Law? If you look at him closely, his facial features aren't perfect, his hair is always messy, his nose is kinda funny. BUT, there is something about him. Let's just say, if I was his nanny, I would want to play pool too....

He kind of reminds me of Hugh Grant, another not perfect looking hunky hunk. I really love his witty reparatee. He always has a smart comment AND delivers it in an English accent. When I have a smart comment people just hear my Smart Ass accent.

Tom Cruise has officially moved out of the hunk category. He is now taking over for Howard Hughes. We've been waiting for the perfect whacko.

Back to the movie. Was this a movie about competition? I think the two men were competing from the moment Clive/Larry realized Jude/Dan had tricked him on the internet.

Update on one of my other hunks: Tommy Lee. He got burned at a concert in like Wisconsin or somewhere like that. Burns to his arm and face. I hope he's okay. I am predicting new tattoo in his future? Tommy Lee's own version of Mederma , skin care for scars.


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