Monday, October 03, 2005

Let's Celebrate Good Hormone Day!

How can I tell that its a good hormone day? Well, I don't hate myself for one thing. And, even though I haven't really lost any weight I don't feel like a cow. I feel very in control of my life and feel like I have accomplished a few things today. That's a good day. No, thats a great day!

In the last few months I have had days where I start crying and can't stop. Over commercials. Really stupid stuff. Over one of my children saying something that I can construe as ugly. Over how old I am. How ugly, stupid, lazy, worthless etc.etc. I could go on but you would get bored.

A few weeks ago I meant to go to the weight room and as I walked I started crying and I couldn't even stop there. I just kept walking and crying. I can't even remember what got me going that day. Doesn't take much.

Got me some hormone cream and that really seems to have helped. No more waking up at night all hot and bothered (no, not that kind or my hubby would be ixnay on the imcrea-ay.) N0, like super hot to where you must not only remove the covers from your body but THROW them off. Then you end up being wide awake. Thoughts like "Gee, could I have a massive fever?" Go through your head but you are not all delirious and you would be if you had that kind of fever.

So, lets all give a big shout out to hormone cream!!


  • Oh my goodness that is so me! I keep saying my freaking thermostat broke or something...My doc says its pre-menopause...I told my doctor to bite me...Hope you are well! Hugs, Donna from Longggg Island

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/09/2005 12:07 AM  

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