Saturday, October 01, 2005

New Diet

Once again, I have taken the vow to start a new diet. Not really a new diet, same one, just swearing this time to follow it.

I'm hungry right now.

I vow to low carb it until I drop 7 pounds. I would be perfect if I lost 7 lbs!! I just know if I lost 7 lbs. then I would be smarter, prettier and everything! Okay. just kidding. BUT, I would really like it if I lost 7 lbs.

Did I tell you that I'm hungry?

I have sworn to "eat right" so many times that I am sick of myself and sick to death of telling myself (as I eat that piece of cake at the birthday party - for God's sake, its a birthday cake! Isn't there a rule that everyone has to eat a piece or die?) that I will start TOMORROW. Well, its tomorrow. Right now.

I had a smoothie for breakfast (after run/walking for an hour), then a salad with chicken on it for lunch, diet coke for an afternoon snack then a bowl of Rice Krispies for dinner at 5. That's why I'm hungry. It's now after 9:30. Eating at night isn't an issue for me though so I will just go to bed hungry.

I AM hungry though.


  • I swear, I could have written this. I start off everyday all "I'm going to EAT RIGHT AND GET HEALTHY!" Until lunch rolls around and I crave curly fries with ranch, then I'm all "I'll start tomorrow!"

    HA. Not funny, but it kind of is.

    But not really.

    By Anonymous Y, at 10/07/2005 11:40 AM  

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