Monday, September 19, 2005

Movie Review

Went to see "Just Like Heaven," last night. It was okay. A nice romantic comedy. Boy meets spirit. Boy falls in love with spirit. Boy gets the spirit. But, you definately have to suspend belief when you sit down because there really isn't one moment of this movie that is plausible.

For example, pretty doctor girl in car, hit head on by Mac Truck. Not one scratch on her. When she does come around she doesn't have a scar or even a limp.

Mark Ruffalo has the shy, bumbling guy type down pat. He is a cutie. Weak chin but killer bod. He's the sensitive guy every woman wants. Dark men are definately my type. See my list (previous post) except for David Beckman (and he is new and a bit tenuous on my list) all are dark headed. See my husband (pic in previous post).

As a writer, it amazes me what gets published or made into a movie. It should give me hope but on the other hand....


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