Wednesday, September 14, 2005

My List

Everyone remember the Friend's episode and the list? You can have a list of 5 celebrities and if you ever had the chance to "do the nasty" with one of them it would be okay. It would not be cheating since they were on the list.

My list: (in no certain order)
1.Vince Vaughn
2.Ben Affleck
3.Andy Garcia (he is close to getting his butt kicked off though! He was looking portly in the Oceans movies)
4.David Beckham

Usetabes include: Delete: Kevin Costner. Delete: Johnny Depp

I know you noticed there was not a #5 yet. I have a new person to add to the list!!! And now, my new #5.....there is just something about this guy that I find riveting, attractive, sexy, magnetic.....Tommy Lee! Have you seen his dimples? I know he is a skinny ass guy with a lot of tatoos but there is something extremely sexy about him. Hey, I am not alone in this. My hubs list includes Heather Locklear (I think she has achieved tenure on his list) and she MARRIED Tommy Lee (along with that slut Pamela Anderson).

I'm checking on enrollment procedures for University of Nebraska....hey, if I just happen to be in the same town its okay!


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