Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina And The Waves

"This is Matt Mullett and I am as close to Hurricane Katrina as I can get. We are waiting for the news reports of people dying and hoping to get some great footage of stuff blowing around, so keep watching as I put myself in harm's way to get the video!!!"

Last night there was a guy getting blown around on the beach yelling into his microphone, "That people need to take this one seriously and LEAVE." Everyone but him.

I can't stand the way news people simply salivate when a "weather event" such as this occurs. They try to put on their serious face. But you can see the anticipation right behind it. They already sound dissappointed in Katrina because she went down to a Category 4 right before she made landfall. And, why does every single station need to send someone right to where the action is? What happened to "national" news that would report it and the locals reported their local part of it?? I've seen the flocks of news people, vehicles and satellites at an "event" before and its crazy? How many people does it take to tell one story?

I feel bad for all the people having to leave their homes. What do you bring? Dogs, photo albums, precious family heirlooms? How do you get everything valuable into your car?? Then there is all your kids stuff? We would have to bring all 6 buckets of legos in our car. Oh, and a new really cool Flip skateboard. And, when was the last time we backed up our computers? Even when I pack for a weekend trip I "pare" down to only 1 large suitcase and a carry on. I would still be packing as the "event" happened. I would probably have to go down with the ship.


  • Amen about the reporters. I saw on the news people driving to Houston becuase there were no hotels available in the New Orleans area - probably filled by all those reporters.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8/29/2005 6:42 PM  

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