Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Crazy for Animal Planet

I watch Animal Planet and am not afraid to admit it. Yes, I love "That's My Baby!", Animal Vet and especially Animal Cops! My two younger boys and I have totally gotten into Animal Cops. What's great about this show is they don't blur out the faces of the animals getting rescued unlike its sister show, Cops --Whatcha Gonna Do, When They Come For You!! My kids and I talk to the t.v. telling those awesome SPCA folks to "Arrest 'Em!!"

I worked for a vet all through high school. I loved that job. Probably the only job I have ever truly loved. I was there 3 years and then I even worked for another vet for two more years. Everyday was different and somewhat exciting and hey, I got to play with the doggies and
kitties all day long. I also grew up with lots of dogs and cats and horses. Yes, I rode horses all growing up. I showed them (English and Western) on the weekends and we even jumped into the world of horse racing for a few years. I was very lucky that my dad was totally into horses because then I was able to be totally into horses. What girl doesn't go through a horse phase? I was lucky enough to be able to indulge mine.

Well, on Animal Cops it just breaks our heart night after night to see the cruel things people do to animals. What's even scarier is that these people probably have children too! I have three dogs right now. Kipper is the teensy tiny black one (Chihuahua & Westhighland Terrier mix) and Bruno (schnauzer mix) and a Sandy, a Chinese pug who is cute and beige with a black face. Both Kipper and Sandy came from canine rescue agencies. So every night when I watch Animal Cops I feel good that I have done my part and rescued at least two. Of course, my husband tells me that if it wasn't for him I would be a collector and have like 30 dogs and cats. I think he's right.


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