Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Things that Make Me Sad...

This could be an endless list but I will only list the things that have made me sad today....

1.My oldest son moved out this weekend to go to college. His moving out made me sad but he called today after his first round of classes and he was totally pumped. That cancelled out the sadness. Kind of. At first, I thought he was calling just to tell me how his morning was. I should have known. You would think I would wise up by now but I am endlessly stupid. No, he called because his phone is messing up and he wanted me to contact the phone place and get it replaced!!

2.My house was a mess. Really. Three dogs and three boys - do the mess math! Then I had a new housekeeper arrive today and now like magic, my house is clean. I have already emailed the hubby that no one is allowed to come home now and ruin my perfectly clean house!

3.Mexican men waiting on the corner for a job. I have to drive by a whole mess of them every day as I take the youngest to school. Sometimes in the afternoon, there are still men waiting there, still hoping to get work and make some money. That is really sad. They never even have a drink with them or a nice little lunch bag. How do you wait and wonder all day if you are going to get some horrible grunt job of cleaning out someone's flowerbed or painting someone's house??? My other question is how does the street corner get established? I know the neighborhoods and businesses can't be too thrilled to have these hordes (there are 35-50 in the mornings!) of Mexicans on their front doors.

4.My last sad thing is ---I haven't had a shower yet today. I am determined to work out but of course, find every reason in the world not, its too hot now.


  • I have had a "SAD" situation going on for about a week now. My old buddy the Ramster is a human on the verge of extinction I fear, he really is just hanging on by a nail. There is a whole story dilemma, as I understand but I will only wear out somebody with that story by request. But anyhoo the sad part is that he really is a nice guy who is trying hard, but whether it is his fault's or life's he really is down the the absolut nub of existence. I have tried to help how I can, and I am glad to do it, but each time I end up hooking up with him to help out, it kind of sucks my energy out, I feel drained after our meetings, and I almost feel guilty about not having a life like his, I know if the Good Lord had not gotten me straight on that vile booze it could have been the same for me.

    Anyway that is my "SAD" addition.

    By Blogger loneram, at 8/25/2005 4:41 PM  

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