Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Are You Ready for some Football?

We went to Morgan's first football game last night. In our middle school there are so many boys playing that there is a "blue" team and a "white" team. Everyone thinks that this fools the kids but it doesn't. The one is the "A team" and the other the "B team", or in other words, the "really great team" and the "pretty good team".

As I waited for the game to start I looked over the roster and then noticed that my child is tied for tiniest on the "pretty good team." No wonder he is only on the "pretty good team." He is exceptionally fast and very athletic but wondered why he wasn't getting played as much. Now I know to kiss that coach the next time he is close enough. It is so the boy in 7th grade who weighs 252 lbs. (yes, there is one!!!!) doesn't literally kill my 71 lb. tyke.

My little guy did very well. There was only one time that he was supposed to block this guy that was huge compared to him and he bounced off of him like a gnat. You had to give him his props for trying to bring the guy down though. He did tackle several others and had his name called out by the announcer 4 times. All in all, it was pretty cool. And, I got it all on video.

I lost a bet though to my youngest. We had a bet ($2) that the announcer would say our name wrong. People usually mess it up. I was happy to lose this one!


  • i want the "tyke"s schedule so i can come see him in action


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9/07/2005 11:44 PM  

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