Thursday, September 08, 2005

Things I Noticed Yesterday....

I went to the corner drugstore yesterday to get a prescription filled. While I was waiting I saw a sign on the counter that said, "Your Rx label can now be printed in these languages!" Then there was a list, Spanish, Arabic, Italian etc. Near the bottom there was a language called "Tagalog" that I have never in my life heard of. People at my corner drugstore are speaking Tagalog??? Believe me, after that I was listening in on every conversation trying to hear this different language but all I heard was English.

No, thats not true. I did hear Spanish. The next thing that happened is these 3 Hispanic men came in. I had already passed them in the candy aisle. They were younger, nice looking and obviously doing some kind of dirty work (at least that day). As I sat near the pharmacy listening for Tagalog, one of them came back there and then right in front of me was buying condoms. He even yelled back something in Spanish to one of the others - I was wondering what he could be asking while he was picking out which condom, maybe, "Should I buy the store brand? Do you think it is as good as Trojan?" or "Ribbed or non-ribbed? Do we care about her pleasure?" I was surprised at myself at how embarassed I was that I was sitting right there and this guy is preparing for sex (buying condoms).

Of course, I couldn't tell you what he was asking because good Lord, people, I can't even speak Tagalog yet. What makes you think I can interpret Spanish?


  • I don't know which is more embarrassing - when my kids were little and we would go to pick up a prescription and they would want to buy the foil colored "candy" in the window by the check-out or now if we pick up a prescription and I know that they know exactly what those little foil covered "candies" are and what they're for. Sigh....

    By Anonymous Terri, at 9/08/2005 7:19 AM  

  • Hey! Reading through your archives and just to let you know... Tagalog is what they speak in the Philppines. (I have a few Filipino friends.)

    By Blogger aka Brandi, at 6/03/2006 12:15 AM  

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