Friday, September 16, 2005

Put it on a T-Shirt

Site seen in Target today. Girl wearing a black t-shirt with the words "More Than A Mouthful" emblazoned in white. Call me old-fashioned, or just call me old, I could not wear that shirt (and it would be true in my case, honey! I think this girl must have been wearing her "big" sisters shirt or was just false advertising).

T-Shirts are the latest item to widen the generation gap. I never thought I would be on this side of the gap but here I am. I can't bring myself to wear t-shirts with naughty sayings on them. Not all are naughty and some are actually kind of cute. A friend of my 12 year old's came over today with a pink t-shirt on that said "Seperate reds from white" and I did let my youngest buy a shirt with one of the "Ed's" on it that says, "I Dressed Myself." That is completely innocent.

But, one day, I bought my oldest son a t-shirt that had a hilarious comment on it but when I showed it to him he said it was naughty. He used to tease me that he wanted to have a pet monkey some day. And, when he came home at the holidays that I was going to have to set a place at the table for the monkey and he was going to train his monkey to do all kinds of chores. I would always tell him what a nasty pet a monkey is and that no way could he have one. It was a long running joke between us. Well, one day while I shopping I saw a t-shirt that said, "My Monkey Made Me Do It" and I thought how funny!! My son then explained to me that the monkey was referring to a male's genitalia and he couldn't believe that I bought him that shirt!!

Monkey??? When did it start getting called monkey?? I've heard of tube steak, weiner, and a list of other names but never monkey. I can even imagine the term banana but not monkey....the gap is widening as I type....


  • Debbie, I have to laugh because I bought the same exact shirt for the same exact reason for my son!! I, too, was taken by suprise when informed what it meant! Jeese! Not even a monkey is sacred anymore!!!

    Live and learn I guess, but I'll be damned if I let my 9 daughter wear a shirt that reads "Hottie" across the front!! Girls in her class actually do! YIKES!!!! What is up with that!! A hottie 9 year old is just gross!!

    Till later........Carol

    By Anonymous Carol, at 9/23/2005 9:12 PM  

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