Thursday, September 22, 2005

Rita is on our Tail

We tried to leave at 4 am. Drove to a "back road" way and saw that it was bumper to bumper. Everyone and their dog (we had our 3 dogs!!) was trying to go the "back"way north. So, we turned to head back to I-45 and radio reports said it was taking 8 hours to go 20 miles.

I DO NOT want to run out of gas sitting on I-45. I will take my chances in the closet under my stairs. Our other idea is to sit in the car inside of the garage. My hubs built this garage with his own two hands. Used 2 x 12's and such that it is built better than the house!

The good news is that the storm has turned east a bit. They are now saying that the winds could hit 75 instead of over 100 mph. Let's hope this storm stays east of us.

We do plan to leave if the roads clear out. Right now they say it is a 100 mile back up on I-45. No thanks.


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