Monday, September 26, 2005

F in Waiting

I have never been good at waiting. It makes me cranky, lethargic and lackluster (hey, its not the best word but it does describe what I get like).

When I was waiting the 35 hours to have power restored to my home I was all of the above. I even knew this would happen and prepared but it didn't matter. When I was having to live it I sank into an abyss.

We had our campstove out to cook on. Our grill was out of gas (F in survival skills too!). I precooked bacon and sausage so that we wouldn't have to use very much propane for breakfast. I baked a cake and biscuits. Hard-boiled eggs. Filled containers with water (though we never lost water) and pulled out board games to play with the boys.

By Sunday mid-morning I was swimming in a sea of lethargy. "I can't sweep the filthy kitchen floor because I would have to use the broom" no matter that the broom only required the power of my arms---I couldn't bring myself to do anything. Probably had something to do with the hangover from the night before but still, I was getting sick of myself.

In the meantime, husband has borrowed a generator so I was able to blow dry my hair but no a/c. We plugged in the freezer and he hooked up a little t.v. and proceeded to camp happily on the sofa and watch football.

Finally, I said, "We've got to get out of here!" and we ended up going to T.G.I. Fridays (which also put me in spitting distance of the mall and lifted my spirits immediately!) for an early dinner and luckily the power came back on while we were gone....


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