Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Must Haves for Fall???

What is a fall must have? Last season it was something tweedy. Now I notice there are tweedy (no, not in bird - as in material) boots, purses and everything.

Is it boots? Torn up jeans? Camisole tops?

I bought some jeans the other day and now I know what I had been suspecting (and actually read about) there IS such a thing as Flattery Sizing. When I met my husband I weight 20 lbs. less than I do now. I was like almost anorexic. Now I am pleasingly plump. I wore a size 0 (yes, 0 as in ZERO, zilch, nada) then as time went on and with each child I added to the chassis. Here's the dealy-o, I have been wearing a size 4 ever since I hit about 115 lbs. I am now 128 and I have never changed sizes! Have I gained that 13 lbs all in my boobs (sometimes I think so)??? No, I know my gut is bad but still truck along all proud of my size 4's. Well, the other day I go to T.J. Maxx and found a pair of Tommy Hilfiger jeans and the size 4 was TOO BIG. Of course, I was like dancing a jig in the dressing room and then had to go out and find a size 2, which I like announced all the down the rows, "Have you seen a size 2 in these????" , "Hello, I need help, I am a size 2!"

When I got home and the oxygen was allowed to return to my brain I realized I had not changed. In fact, I have only gotten bigger. I had heard that companies were doing this Flattery Sizing. What used to be a size 2 was now a 4 so that women didn't have to go up a size. Who do they think they are?

THEY ARE BRILLIANT!!! Flattery will get you everywhere with me, babe.


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