Thursday, October 27, 2005

Janet Jackson Secret Baby???

So, how does a woman deny knowing if a child is hers or not? What kind of drugs was she given to not remember whether or not she had a child??

It is rumored that Janet Jackson had a child (a girl who is now 18) with James DeBarge of the DeBarge family. It took Janet years to ever confirm or acknowledge that she was married to the man and it was only during another divorce that it was confirmed that she WAS married to the man. Now she is denying knowing about a daughter. Supposably the child was raised by Rebbie (rhymes with Debbie) Jackson and not Janet. ( girl child, if you are reading this please know just how freaky the Jackson clan is and thank your lucky stars that ANYONE else raised you - oh and by the way, stay away from Uncle Mikey - even though he likes boys better than girls, still don't drink Jesus juice with the freakazoid).

Janet may be prettier than her brother (which I secretly believe he has pursued a bizarre wish to look just like her, just whiter) but I think she is just as whacky.

Oh well, I am sure some day this child will show up at Janet's door and ask, "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"


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