Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm Hearing Voices

Started (another) new diet this week. Even when I start anymore I am not sure I even believe myself. This time I am trying They give me what I should eat (based on my personal profile), shopping list and menus. Menus you can change to fast food if you are eating out - what do they think I only eat fast food if I go out to eat???

Here's the deal. Its the voices that start in my head. While I am out walking/running this morning. When I would run the voices would start telling me that I COULD walk. I don't HAVE to run and walking burns calories too.

Then when my stomach starts to feel deprived here they go again....chocolate would be good, and you deserve chocolate cuz you been so good today, or how about a frappuccino with whip cream??? Starbucks is on your way to everywhere and you really need one! SHUT-UP is what I want to scream at them!!

The voices keep me from being successful in losing these 7 pounds. It doesn't matter if its 47 or 7 they are all hard to lose. The voices are driving me crazy. It makes me feel so angry at myself that this kind of self-talk runs my life. The voices can keep me down in other ways too. They talk me out of all kinds of things....acquiring new clients, writing my novel, even calling my friends some days.

I know I am not psychotic or anything but really the voices are killing me.


  • Daughter and I have been going to Weight Watchers for 3 months. I've lost 2 frigging pounds. I feel your pain.

    By Anonymous Candy, at 11/09/2005 5:32 PM  

  • I start my new diet today as well. I don't know what I'm thinking starting a diet two weeks before Thanksgiving; but if I don't do something.....

    By Anonymous TLC, at 11/10/2005 7:06 AM  

  • Well, I "start" a new diet each Monday. Been trying to losers the same 20 lb's for a year. I used to have such self-control. Good thing I don't crave alcohol or worse.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11/16/2005 10:39 PM  

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