Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Parent Trap

Over the weekend I noticed the original version of Disney's The Parent Trap with Haley Mills was coming on. I told my youngest that he needed to watch since I knew he'd only seen the newer one with the then adorable, now horrid Lindsey Lohan.

When the hubs walked through the room he was instantly riveted too since this is a movie we watched together for the first time while dating. I had seen it but he hadn't. We were in a hotel room on a romantic weekend. It was Sunday morning and we had ordered breakfast via room service. We laid and watched the original Parent Trap movie and loved it. Some people have "their song", we have "our movie."

No, it didn't used to bother me that Haley Mills spoke with an english accent and yet the one twin supposably grew up with Brian Keith in California and the other in Boston. Did casting director's back then think that no one would question that?

So, picture us all settled in on a Saturday afternoon watching this movie with the youngest in the middle of us. He thought all the camp hijinks and tricks were very funny. Then the girls' start to realize that maybe they look alike for a reason.

Shannon: When is your birthday?
Susan: November 12th? Why?

My hubby and I turn to each other with our mouth's hanging open in shock. That is the date of our middle (our first child together - my oldest was from a previous) son's birthday!!!!! Goosebumps rose on my arms and I actually got tears in my eyes over this coincidence.

This movie has always been a touchpoint for us. In the newer version the two Lindsey Lohans compare a torn picture and figure out they are twins. We had totally forgotten about this significant date.

On to a new subject: Who has had any of this new Coke Blak? It has a coffee essence? I wanted to get some but they didn't have any diet. Let me know if its any good.


  • My older two were crazy for the original version of "Parent Trap". We owned a VHS copy of it and I'll bet they watched it twice a day.

    Coke Blak? How about Coke Blecchh! Adding coffee just guarantees I won't touch the stuff.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 4/18/2006 11:20 AM  

  • I love this movie! I thought it was so cool when I was a kid. ;)

    By Blogger mama_tulip, at 4/18/2006 11:40 AM  

  • oh this movie is a great one. I love how glam their mom is.

    And I feel your pain, hubby and I don't have a song, no we have..."a number". 56. lame.

    By Blogger ceece, at 4/18/2006 12:23 PM  

  • Let's get together, yeah, yeah yeah! Love that movie - especially the parts where they play tricks on each other and then the socialite lady.

    And I'm with WordGirl on that coke stuff. Wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

    By Anonymous TB, at 4/18/2006 2:42 PM  

  • Okay, a couple things....
    - Your first date movie was the original Parent Trap. Were you in elementary school? Were you high? The mind boggles.
    - Second, I remember watching it for the first time (and LOVING it), but feeling a little weird for having a big crush on Brian Keith.
    - Haley Mills was the shizzit back in the day and I don't think anyone questioned anything about her. What was that movie with the big windmill and a mystery and something else? I remember doing a diarama of it in 5th grade. I loved her. Wasn't she in those Witch Mountain movies? I used to fear those like The Ring when I was 7.

    Okay, that's all.

    By Blogger Mignon, at 4/18/2006 6:03 PM  

  • I got one of those Coke Blaks at HEB this morning while on a muffin run. It was... well, did you ever taste the candy called Coffee Nips? It tastes just like those. Pleasant in a candy, disconcerting in a beverage. Plus, it's just a tad fizzy. Like it can't make up its mind if it wants to be carbonated or not.

    And I LOVED the Parent Trap, particularly because one of the twins was named Sharon. I was sure that when I went to camp I'd meet my twin. I didn't.

    By Anonymous Sharon, at 4/18/2006 8:39 PM  

  • Loved this movie. But think it's super cute that this is your *special* movie together.

    Coke black sounds all kinds of wrong. I can't wait to try it.

    By Anonymous Jess, at 4/18/2006 9:51 PM  

  • What a cool coincidence. Hubby and I have an "our movie," too..."The Three Amigos."

    I think the new Coke is going to tank. But I may have to try it anyway.

    By Blogger The Queen Mama, at 4/18/2006 10:09 PM  

  • I need to check this out of the library!

    When the Olsen twins were small and cute (as opposed to emaciated and lost looking), they did a movie with a similar theme. We picked it up at a consignment shop here and E-Grrrl has enjoyed it.

    By Anonymous V-Grrrl, at 4/19/2006 1:22 AM  

  • Do they make it in diet? It's going to be my mission during lunch today to find it. Being a soda addict, I have to try everything new!

    By Blogger me, at 4/19/2006 8:12 AM  

  • Okay, what the heck is coke black? i've heard of it. coffee flavored coke?


    Also, have you tried the new berries and cream dr pepper? I'm curious.

    And the old parent trap? I love it.

    By Anonymous sarcastic journalist, at 4/19/2006 11:52 AM  

  • It's so nice when something is significant to you & your special someone. Parent Trap is a funny, wholesome movie, I've always enjoyed it.
    I've never tried that soda & probably won't; although I do love coffee...but I don't love caffiene.

    By Blogger jane, at 4/19/2006 12:22 PM  

  • I used to like to old Parent Trap, until I watched it again with my daughter not long after the Lindsey Lohan version came out. Sadly, I have to say that this is one of the few cases where I liked the new version better. It's that feminist side of me...the older version was slightly chauvanistic. I liked the newer mom better as a role model for my daughter.

    By Blogger The Gradual Gardener, at 4/20/2006 1:21 PM  

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