Thursday, April 13, 2006

Let's Support Katie

Do you ever get the feeling that the media is acting like they love Katie Couric but they are secretly hoping she will fall on her face with ratings lower than a MAN's??

Let's all support her by watching. I would like to see her do well, because I like her, she's good at what she does AND she's a woman.

Does anyone know when exactly she starts? I looked quickly and couldn't find a start date.


  • The day she announced it, I think she said it would be in May. I agree though--let's support her. I also like Meredith Viera and think she'll do great in Katie's old spot. Although, Meredith is pretty outspoken and blunt, so it'll be interesting to see what Matt Lauer does with that. Good week for women in the news, eh?

    By Blogger Crazy MomCat, at 4/13/2006 8:25 AM  

  • I thought it was around May or so. I don't watch any kind of morning news on television, so I'm not pro- or anti-Couric. The tv doesn't usually go on until evening...unless I'm painting and can set up my stuff in front of the tv to watch a movie.

    I would like to see her succeed, but I agree with other people out there who have said that she's probably not a heavy news person. No matter, of course.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 4/13/2006 9:43 AM  

  • The sad thing is, I don't watch the network news at all. I may have to turn away from CNN to check her out though. I'm sure she is going to kick ass. She really is a great journalist, always does her homework and is very accessible in the way she reports. I remember how well she did on the morning of September 11 and I know she is going to do just fine.

    By Anonymous TB, at 4/13/2006 9:46 AM  

  • I like her too. Here's to Katie!

    By Blogger Renee, at 4/13/2006 10:42 AM  

  • I just tagged yer ass for a meme. Which haha. Don't hate me.

    By Anonymous Y, at 4/13/2006 12:30 PM  

  • Jeez! I hate meme's. But since it is Y from Joy Unexpected, I guess I will have to do it.

    You all can look forward to it tomorrow!

    By Blogger DebbieDoesLife, at 4/13/2006 12:42 PM  

  • I think it's a shame they passed up Leslie Stahl.
    She has impressive credentials.

    Not cute enough, I guess.

    Not that I would ever watch the network news…

    By Anonymous, at 4/13/2006 12:46 PM  

  • I think it is stupid that people are making a big deal. Like the fact that she has a vagina makes it impossible for her to tell the news.

    It will only be different one day when people stop making a big deal.

    By Anonymous sarcastic journalist, at 4/13/2006 5:59 PM  

  • Kudos to Katie for not resting on her laurals and her millions and daring to try something new, daring to step out and possibly fail with the whole world watching. I hope she's successful in every sense of the word, and I think she will rise to the challenge.

    By Anonymous V-Grrrl, at 4/16/2006 8:46 AM  

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