Monday, March 27, 2006

The Earrings

Thanks for all the kind words regarding my last post. No news yet.

Here is a couple of pictures of the earrings. Can you believe I have been wearing these things for over 20 years and have never found out what they are? Maybe amethyst?

Here they are stuck in a blue candle so you can see their purply, lavender color up against blue. And it was the only way I could think to stand them up.

This whole ordeal is much harder on my mom than it is on me. She is very close to her sister and they already lost their parents. Add this to unresolved issues in her family (alchoholism, hypochrondriac mother) and it sets the stage for some emotional upheaval. My mother's fav weapon to flail herself with is the mighty sword of Guilt.

If you have any ideas about the stones origin, please feel free to pass them on. I probably should go to a jeweler and have them assess them. I have never been that interested. I just knew that I loved them, they went with about everything, and didn't turn my ears green.


  • They look like Pink Ice. They're really pretty. I'm sorry to hear about your Aunt. She sounds like a wonderful woman.

    By Blogger Tink, at 3/27/2006 10:21 AM  

  • Here's a picture of some Pink Ice:

    Although Sapphires come in pink:

    And then here's a list of what stones come in pink:

    By Blogger Tink, at 3/27/2006 10:28 AM  

  • Thanks Tink! Those were interesting. I like what this one said:

    "It has been suggested that wearing jewelry with pink stones will enhance the wearer's mental abilities and soothe emotional levels, anger and feelings of neglect."

    Gosh, if I hadn't been wearing them all this time I'd be stupid and pissed off!

    By Blogger DebbieDoesLife, at 3/27/2006 10:32 AM  

  • Wow, they're beautiful. I've seen sapphires that purple/pink color, but they're rare. I was thinking they looked more like topaz.
    (Tink - that's a cool website!)

    By Blogger Mignon, at 3/27/2006 11:32 AM  

  • They are beautiful.

    Could they be Tanzanite?

    By Blogger mama_tulip, at 3/27/2006 12:00 PM  

  • I just read your post from yesterday and you'll be in my thoughts and your godmother in my prayers!

    By Blogger Renee, at 3/27/2006 1:55 PM  

  • I have no idea what they are, except to say that they are beautiful. Thinking about you today.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 3/27/2006 2:51 PM  

  • Well, I'm guessing it's from the Beryl-group of gemstones, maybe Morganite. It's hard to say without looking at the structure of the gem on the inside; people don't realize for instance that sapphires aren't always blue they can be Emerald Green. Of course, most emeralds are actually ugly :) I like rocks, can you tell?

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 3/27/2006 3:02 PM  

  • Oh yes, I do have a website with semi-precious stone pics on it that are really great. You can click through them and see if you can figure out what it is. And, you can ooh and aah at how pretty the rocks are, like I do ;)

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 3/27/2006 3:07 PM  

  • My vote is for Alexandrite! They're lovely, by the way... and have a lovely story.

    By Anonymous Sharon, at 3/27/2006 4:38 PM  

  • My birthstone (June) is Alexandrite. The more common manmade version is a light purple like your earrings. The setting is beautiful.
    Sending good thoughts to you and your family tonight.

    By Anonymous TB, at 3/27/2006 8:28 PM  

  • Beautiful earrings. Beautiful story about the woman who gifted you with them, and in so many other ways. Sorry for your loss of a dear soul.

    By Blogger The Queen Mama, at 3/27/2006 10:01 PM  

  • Those are such beautiful earrings & something you undoubtedly treasure. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    By Blogger jane, at 3/28/2006 1:22 PM  

  • I just read about Aunt Ollie and I'm so sorry you're having to say goodbye to her. She sounds like a wonderful woman. Keep us posted.

    By Blogger Suburban Turmoil, at 3/28/2006 9:52 PM  

  • Beautiful earrings, made more so by the memories of your aunt that are attached to them. I hope they bring you some comfort in the days ahead. Prayers.

    By Blogger CISSY, at 3/29/2006 1:24 AM  

  • Just wanted to let you know we're thinking of you.

    By Blogger Arabella, at 3/29/2006 8:31 AM  

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