Wednesday, March 08, 2006

They should be called....Whoremones

Since I don't seem to have a large male following I will discuss the topic of PMS. Why? Because it is so fucking fun!

Some months I am an Angry Monster but this month I am the Weeping Woman. It occurred to me this morning when I was driving the youngest to school and stopped as usual for the crossing guard at a neighborhood public school. This crossing guard is 75 if he's a day. He wears a big straw cowboy hat and his little jeans and boots. What I love about him though is the rapport he has with the kids. They all start smiling when they see him, way before they even get close to him. He always seems to have a friendly word for them (I can't hear but every now and then read lips well). He is quite officious with his stop sign and we in cars know that we MUST RESPECT that stop sign he carries because he is protecting those kids lives. Well, this morning I sat and watched kids cross and tears started running down my cheeks. Good Lord, it's THAT week!

I then had to then drive passed a "sail" cat. At least thats what we called them when I was growing up. A cat that had been smashed so flat by cars that you could fling 'em like a frisbee. More tears. For the poor cat.

I have been listening to John Denver while I work on that newsletter that I still haven't finished(I know, you youngsters are all looking quizzical and asking WHO?) and his tune, "Annie's Song"came on. Waaaahhhhh!!!!

I am afraid to turn on the t.v. That Swiffer commercial could send me over the edge.


  • When I was pregnant, my hormones were so out of whack that I watched Little House on the Prairie and cried every day.

    By Blogger Trish, at 3/08/2006 3:12 PM  

  • Adult ADD and now this? Oh, my! (grin) I get the same way though. At least they don't show those damn Hallmark commercials anymore! Turn on American Idol tonight, there's too much goofy going on there to get very sad. Trust me!

    By Blogger Crazy MomCat, at 3/08/2006 3:19 PM  

  • I know exactly what you mean! Songs always get me. In fact, I was crying this morning on the way in to work because I heard 'Dance with my Father'. That one always gets me.

    By Blogger Renee, at 3/08/2006 3:28 PM  

  • I totally broke down sobbing over a fryer chicken I was trying to prepare for dinner when I was looked like a sickly, bumpy baby with its skinny little legs and wings flappin' about. It nearly died of sympathy for that little unforunate little bird. I tearfully laid that fryer to rest in my kitchen trash can and didn't eat chix for the rest of the pregnancy.... I Still won't cook a whole chicken. Hormones suck all the sensibility out'a women. No doubt about it.

    Now on to the John Denver tunes....
    Debbie, think back to our senior year. Do you remember you and I planning on singing "Annie's Song"? We actually practiced it quite a bit before you figured out "Damn....Carol can't carry a tune in a bucket". Next time you hear that song, remember that and you will crack up instead of cry.

    By Anonymous Carol, at 3/08/2006 5:33 PM  

  • OMG, you crack me up Carol!! I do remember us, seriously practicing and thinking we were going to sing that at graduation - IN FRONT OF PEOPLE!! And, my recollection is that I couldn't carry a tune to save my life!

    By Blogger DebbieDoesLife, at 3/08/2006 5:43 PM  

  • I can't watch anything on TV when I'm hormonal, or should I say hormoanal. Even Trading Spaces makes me weep like a baby.

    By Blogger Vanessa, at 3/08/2006 7:59 PM  

  • Debbie, no sweat. I am a cryer too. And John Denver makes me cry even when I'm NOT hormonal. He was just so sensitive. Sniff.

    By Anonymous TB, at 3/08/2006 8:32 PM  

  • Oh how cool. Our cycles are synchronized! Yet another wonderful thing about blog friendships!

    By Blogger Melanhead, at 3/08/2006 9:35 PM  

  • Oh my goodness. Annie's Song. I almost started to cry just thinking about it. You are so not alone.

    By Anonymous Christine, at 3/09/2006 1:40 AM  

  • My mom had every single John Denver album when I was a kid. I know all of the songs by heart.

    By Blogger The Gradual Gardener, at 3/09/2006 6:38 AM  

  • Well, I WAS going to start reading but seeing as I'm a guy, I guess I'll just turn around.

    Kidding :-)

    By Blogger Rude Cactus, at 3/09/2006 6:54 AM  

  • You know on Survivor when they bring the family members to the island, or show videotape or have hand-written letters from family for the survivors?


    I've also been known to cry during Lost.

    You're in good company.

    By Blogger mama_tulip, at 3/09/2006 7:23 AM  

  • I LOVE John Denver and I'm 30. I listened to it when I was a kid. On my mother's RECORDS, no doubt!! LOL.

    That grandpa guy would make me cry too. I cry at commercials on TV as well... I mean, elict emotion in me in 30 seconds or less? WOW! And that can be ANY time of the month.

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 3/09/2006 7:48 AM  

  • I've never been a public crier, but in the past few years I've done a big 180 in that department. I can't bear to drive by the elementary school where my kids used to go. When I cleaned out the art bins (for papers and projects) I have for each kid, I got to the bottom where I found all the water color stuff they did while they were still at home with me and I briefly considered having myself hospitalized from the grief. Even as I type this, the knowledge of how quickly it has all gone by and how totally OVER those sweet days are is making me tear up.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 3/09/2006 9:31 AM  

  • The title of this post is CLASSIC! I've been in a really blue mood lately too. I started crying this morning because I was running late for work and couldn't find my comb. Yeah... I also told Hoop last night that I wasn't going to leave the couch until he gave me a "damn good reason to." It's the time of year, on top of whoremones I'm afraid.

    I hope you feel better!

    By Blogger Tink, at 3/09/2006 9:49 AM  

  • I've read lots of great suggestions on that "memories" stuff. Lots of us moms have piles of things the kids made and it just sits there rotting away. The suggestion I like the most is to take pictures of it/have it scanned and then put it in an album. I am NOT a scrapbooker, so I just tuck the pics in a book with a note. Aren't I lame. But, I have a neatly organized book and no huge pile of paper. And, then I don't feel bad because I threw it out!!

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 3/09/2006 9:54 AM  

  • I forgot about the squished kitty. I called them:

    Flat Cat
    Pancake Cat
    Roadkill Kitty or
    Kitty on a Stick (to eat later)

    Mostly though, I'll say Flat Cat.

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 3/09/2006 10:00 AM  

  • Whoremones!!! ahahahaha! It's true. I am usually Weeping Woman, too. Anything will make me cry. Like I saw the snow-capped mountains this morning and it was so beautiful. Waaaaaaahhhhhh.

    John Denver. My evil grandfather used to cut his hair when he was John Dusseldorf and went to Arlington Heights High School in Fort Worth. How's that for trivia!

    Poor kitty. I'm crying again!

    By Blogger Ms. Q, at 3/09/2006 11:10 AM  

  • I was a huge John Denver fan. Had all his albums. T-shirts. A scrapbook of news clippings. Crush on a guy who could sing and play guitar just like him. Kept all the albums for years.

    Finally in a cleaning fit, I ditched all the memorabilia and most of the albums which I knew by heart but couldn't tolerate anymore. Damn if John Denver didn't die the very next week! I felt strangely guilty, as if tossing all that stuff somehow set off a karmic reaction in the universe and took his plane down.

    By Anonymous V-Grrrl, at 3/09/2006 11:46 AM  

  • I used to adore John Denver as a young girl until I read he mowed his lawn naked. As a teenager it sounded weird. As a 40-year old woman, well, some days it might be kind of fun to freak out the neighbors I abhor.

    Or should I say abwhore?


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3/09/2006 10:32 PM  

  • Yes, those Swiffer commercials do it for me all the time - killing all those poor germs...Honestly, I get choked up over everything as doesn't work well when I am trying to be a hardass.

    By Blogger Ditsy Chick, at 3/10/2006 9:19 PM  

  • I would rather hear crying than what I have to hear from The Missus. Maybe, I'll try subliminal suggestions.

    By Blogger Dan, at 3/17/2006 2:27 PM  

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