Saturday, November 26, 2005


Interesting word. Giving thanks family. Dad, who likes to keep the house around 85. And, no I was not having a hot flash, it really was that hot. Like stifling. My mother, who is constantly asking me what I drink? book? It is nice to get waited on. Two brothers, who make sure my head never gets too big.

Okay. It was fun. We got up T-day morning and had our own Turkey Trot. Last year in Dallas a small faction of the us ran the real 5K Turkey trot. This year we did it in Oklahoma. No, there wasn't 25,000 people like last year, just 5 and a carload of cheering kids. Very fun and made me feel like I could eat whatever I wanted the rest of the day.

Then the next day we all went to the movies. 3 car loads of people. 4 different movies. We covered all tastes, Chicken Little, Pride & Prejudice, Harry Potter and Rent. Romance, Comedy, Aids, and Magic all in one day!

Today was the long ride back. Rainy and yucky most of the 450 miles. Two cars and pulling a U-Haul full of SIL's stuff. She is now ensconced in the garage apt. I think she and the cat like it. Now I need a vacation from the holiday.


  • Isn't it the truth? Our kids had a whole week off, and though they needed a break from the studies, I think they're a-l-m-o-s-t ready to go back. You just reach that one day where something clicks and you realize that, it's time to get "back to the regularly scheduled programming.

    Our family was going to run the Turkey Trot here in Fort Worth, but no one was really ready for it but me.

    By Blogger wordgirl, at 11/26/2005 10:08 PM  

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