Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Christmas Spirit

Everyone has a tradition that makes a holiday special. Maybe its baking cookies or singing carols but one of my all time favorite Christmas memories is my mother reading from a Ladies Home Journal magazine (circa 1970??) the story of the Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde on Christmas Eve.

This is not an out and out Christmas story. Except that the final scenes take place around Christmas time. It is the sweetest story of love and friendship that you will ever read. And, it makes me bawl every time I even try and talk about it. Really. Just ask my kids. They will roll their eyes and nod their heads vigorously.

My gift to you is this link so you can read the story. It's very short and won't take but just a few minutes. Let me know if it touches your heart like it has always touched mine.

  • The Happy Prince

  • Merry Christmas!


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