Friday, June 09, 2006

My Reality T.V.

I have an idea for a new reality t.v. show. Based on my recent experiences, the idea popped into my head. The market couldn't be saturated yet because I just watched a goofy show the other night called "So You Think You Can Dance?" on Fox. If that show can be on t.v. then there is room for mine.

Mine would be called "Make-up Mistakes" or maybe "Beauty Blunders"

Here's just a few of my own from this week alone:

Cheap Sunless Tanning Lotion?? They are all the same right? WRONG! Take a look at these gams.

Can you name the color that these legs are now?? If you said, Orange than you win!!

I put on some cheap, drug store self tanning stuff and by that evening I was the proud owner of orange streaky feet and legs.

Then, I fell victim to this product. But, maybe I'm wrong. You look and tell me if you see a difference.

I paid $36 for Lip Fusion. No needles but all the collagen to have plump, sexy lips!

Here's me before putting on Lip Fusion. The instructions say to wait 15 minutes.

Waiting, waiting, waiting (now, this part would make for some exciting t.v. Maybe they could show flashbacks and how my thin lips have hindered me all of my life. )

And, here's after.

Do you see the dramatic results??? No, I am not pouting them out like Mary Kate and Ashley to just make them look all duckie.

What? Like Meg Ryan?? Well, thank you. I think.


  • I've tried both products, too and even had hand streaks on my neck from where I did not apply the lotion smoothly enough. That was embarrassing.

    By Blogger Trish, at 6/09/2006 2:14 PM  

  • I've used something on my lips (maybe lip fusion) and it actually worked for me. My lips plumped up all neat like and turned sexy red. According to my friends, anyway :)

    By Anonymous Sharla, at 6/09/2006 3:23 PM  

  • To hell with the orange leg-stain and cheapo collagen, I want some of that awesome lip gloss!

    I was thinking more Mick Jagger...

    By Blogger Mignon, at 6/09/2006 3:43 PM  

  • Honestly, I think that's an awesome idea for a reality show. I could go on it too -- there could be a "I Burned My Face With Nair" episode. Let's do it together. ;)

    By Anonymous mamatulip, at 6/09/2006 4:13 PM  

  • Wow, what a bummer of an experience. I used to use Neutrogena spray sunless tanner (it comes in a yellow/orange spray bottle -- choose a light shade because you can always apply more) and it was seriously awesome. I LOVED it. Best to do exfoliate a bit in the shower, dry off completely, then spray the stuff on and rub it in while standing in the shower (water off) so you don't get any on the floor rugs. Wash hands afterward, of course. It really has a good color. Do it once a day until you reach a shade you like, then touch up every couple of days or so.

    By Blogger B.E.C.K., at 6/09/2006 6:25 PM  

  • Seeeeeexy. The after shot is clearly what makes the men go WILD! SO worth your $36! :)

    By Blogger aka Brandi, at 6/09/2006 6:31 PM  

  • I have been eyeballing the tanning sprays, so I'm glad to have read this. I don't have a clue which to pick, but I had heard the Neutrogena one was good. As for the lip incident, I had no clue that stuff was even available. Scary!

    By Blogger Crazy MomCat, at 6/10/2006 12:55 AM  

  • Again, Internet, do not believe her. She still looks great. A little streaky on the feet, but hey, that's what shoes are for.

    By Anonymous sarcastic journalist, at 6/10/2006 12:36 PM  

  • Go for the Jergens Natural Glow. It's very emollient so easy to spread evenly and it truly gives your legs a peachy warm glow that you can build into more of a tan look by applying it at least once a day.

    By Anonymous V-Grrrl, at 6/11/2006 12:49 PM  

  • OH. MY. GOD. Did that make your lips hurt? How long did it last? Thanks for posting photos because I'm not sure I would have believed you otherwise :o)

    By Anonymous TB, at 6/12/2006 9:07 AM  

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